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I have the dt770 80ohm and just tried the custom one pros and they are not up to the dt770.
Interestingly the TF10 price jumped up to $200 on amazon.
Time to start buying and selling IEMs on the trading forum!
  I'm selling my UE900. It's brand new, in box. It is wonderful but I don't like the sound signature with the music I usually listen to. Sounds eargasmic with acoustic guitars though.   Make me an offer. If I don't hear anything in a few days it will go to ebay.   Insured shipping with delivery confirmation included to CONUS. Please don't ask if I ship outside CONUS - I've been burned enough not to ever want to try it again.   I'm in Boston.
Only you can decide that for yourself. I would open the x10, even though the atrios are one of my favorites.
Proclip usa car phone holders are 25% of this weekend!
Subscribed! We'll see if I can make it
Go listen to them first! Even cheap headphones can sound great, and expensive ones can sound painful.
DT770M - the drummers version of the DT770, zero holes.
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