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Only you can decide that. They are both very well made headphones, buy the one that puts a bigger smile on your face.
I got the e7 because I like the rubber cover and the side buttons. I can't hear the difference between the e7 and the e17.
EBay one! They age well and they are practically indestructable.
I think the shure se series with the separate headset cable could be worn straight down. The headset cable connector is 90 degrees. Earphone solutions I think sells them together as a kit.
For a quick fix you could try the monoprice dj headphones, they are 20something and have a removable cable.
After a few years of bike commuting with Messenger bags I switched to waterproof backpacks instead. The Messenger bags were killing my shoulder and compressed my sternum when heavily loaded. I use Orlieb bags and I see more and more couriers switching to backpacks as well.
You could also do what superlux did with some of their phones, and terminate the cable with a jack one inch from the driver, and use an extension cable.
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