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Still Muslimgauze
Hello   I would like to know what the minimum amplifier output should be to operate these phones.  I have a mixture of amplifiers, but I mostly like the EL84 amps wired in triode in my arsenal.  I have also a 150 watt ATI and a 35 watt Pass clone.   Best regards,
1. MA recordings 2. Between the Lines recordings 3. Bassist Peter Herbert
My Reply to Steve Eddy is:   I gave up long ago on active preamps and have been an enthusiast of passives for a long time and have owned quite a few of them as well as the plug-in attenuators and RCA jacks with a single resistor soldered in.  I presently own the finest passive preamp on the market, the Reference Line Preeminence II [RL].   Your statement on the sonic issues a shunt approach, which is what the RL uses "VOSA" don't exist:   "First, because of the...
Hello BruceD7575 Did you ever sell the Amrita Jovian Pillars. If you didn't I would be interested. Right now what are you using? Best regards,
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