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My set up has been an absolute mess as of late haha. Too deep in work this summer *sigh*
I went ahead and bought the 4S after much deliberation
Ended up buying the ER4S. I hope I like it!
 Definitely advantageous. I am a pop leaning listener and most of my headphones, well, I'll say all have a range of forgiveness to allow that type of music to not sound unappealing in a sense. That being said, in recognizing that none of my headphones do offer this, I do have a desire to go towards the least accommodating sound I can find because I want to explore that range of audio as a personal thing, more than trying to find something just for my enjoyment of the...
 I'm looking at the two new Etys specifically so far. They really do sound down my line. I don't necessarily need a bass boost but maybe my concern about is indicative of the fact that I should?  The neutralish but engaging seems like I'd like it, but I think I'm so obsessed with getting a neutral unforgiving sound as opposed to anything fun...though I have to be honest, I don't know what if I'll like it! It's just what I want I suppose.
Hello everyone, my I've been searching for an IEM and in pursuit of a very neutral sound for my mobile setup on my LG V10. The headphone that kept popping up was the Ety ER4P-T but my concern was anemic bass. But with the new versions being released recently, I just think I may of found my headphones! I just can't decide between the SR and the XR versions :/. I am worried about bass but I'm not looking for a bass centric version so to say. I still want the flat response. I...
  Unfortunately the Savanna is outside of my budget. I'm currently looking into the SR and XR versions and they both sound extremely promising. Unfortunately, now I am entering my own debate between the two haha. For now, I am trying to look more into the QJays as well. The XR and SR are big considerations though!
Hello! My quest for a neutral IEM has led me to these little guys. I haven't heard much about these so far but the price tag is within my 200-400 range.
 The DT990's treble is "too hot" for me. My amp really helps calm that down but lord, I can only listen to them for so long. The most "flat" headphone I've had the pleasure of listening to is the 009 but thats $5000 worth of glory and I won't ask for that lol.
Hi Head-Fi, always great to come here for recommendations. Last time I looked for an IEM, I was a tad dissatisfied with the sound, but I am willing to step up the price tag to see if I just don't in general like IEMs.   That being said, I am looking for something rather flat and neutral. I've come across a few options but I seem to just be held back by a fear that they may be hot in the treble or worse yet, anemic in the bass region. Maybe I'm asking for way too much in...
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