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Finally finished Selector Infected Wixoss....what a load of ****.
You know I thought I would be upset at the 650's bass given I came from a closed can M50s that can produce a good chunk of bass, especially when you EQ them. That being said, I am perfectly happy with the 650's. They have really good impact for an open can and the extension needed for a lot of bassy songs.
 I do air directing and chair dancing :p
Yeah I say price wise, unless you already have a competent DAC or Amp, you are looking at $700 total for the whole package. $400-500 for the 650's and $200-300 for your amp/dac combo. But the latter will make it so that you can get other headphones and not have to worry about powering them. Well, at least for intro stuff. My amp/dac combo was $200 and $20 for the new op amps and I got lucky with a cheap $650 deal for $350.
  Yes sir! I was a bit disappointed with the OVAs though to be honest.
One of the things I like most about the 650's so far is if you have music that isn't the most well recorded, that's perfectly fine and the 650's will give them the treatment they deserve and sound good! But if you throw a finely made production, the 650's have the ability to give you an experience that is special. So much versatility! I'm not saying they are the best at some genres, but they are way more versatile than I expected. Still in awe at how well electropop does...
So far, really loving jazz out of the 650's a lot! Probably my favorite pairing. It does surprisingly well with electronic music too for some reason.   Oh and just because they aren't bright doesn't mean they lack detail either! Plenty of ability there and they do well at giving that decay to instruments that is missing sometimes on lesser cans I've listened to.
Well, the D1 definitely has enough juice for them. Most songs (depending on the loudness in the mastering) are at medium-loud to loud volume at about 10 o clock on the volume pot. I think so far the only headphones I put in them that they couldn't power sufficiently were the T1's and the K701s. Synergy on the other hand is another thing.   My only real complaint about the HD650's is at the moment, they got a decent clamp to them. I also have a big head so there is...
 I'm actually not from NY at all lol; I'm from Delaware. I just like to go to the meets on the upper east coast. I haven't listened to too much Michael Jackson so far. I love female vocals and after listening to a few of them, I've just been stuck on that . Also, I had a test like an hour after I picked them up and I just got back so I could listen some more.
Bonnie Pink is pretty awesome through the 650's. So far it's my favorite combo.
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