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Oh, there were virtually zero mids and it was muffled beyond belief. I was expecting the mids to be bad and it to be muffled but I wasn't expecting it to be that terrible. On top of that, the bass which is what I got it for in the first place, wasn't even all that big and powerful. Listening to the headphones overall hurt my ears and I couldn't take it for more than 10 minutes. I just couldn't see any amount of breaking in fixing all those issues so instead of risking...
 How so? Not sure what you mean lol.  When I mean cheap...I mean dirt cheap lol.
*sigh* I got my refund for those terrible JVC's. Now I need to find a cheap headphone to take to Japan
  nah, I think I'll just take my losses on this one. I could of had an M50x for 120 too...oh well.
 First headphone that has literally hurt my ears to listen to.
LOL just RMA'd it immediately haha.
I know I did lol. It makes me appreciate my HD650's more <__<.
You know you bought a bad headphone when it is terminated to 3.5mm and doesn't come with a 6.3mm adapter LOL
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