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Nice Panda! When/how did you get picked up by Audio and Guru?
 I thought you just had your own audio blog thingy. Who do you write for?
 wat  lol how do you guys get signed up for this stuff? I want free stuff to try!  I wish I knew something about soldering stations :/
 Well aren't you just an Aki-Lucky Panda-kun
 With what money :p
 Yep, just got done today's episode not too long ago. All my love! Also Yoko Kanno is amazing as usual. Still will forever cherish meeting her.  I still have to finish book 2! Now that I'm all caught up on anime, I should be able to invest time into that.  So many just downright solid anime this season. It has been too long since we had a season burst with so much potential.  LOL dat 701 bass. Sweet lord. I wish my M50's weren't broken though...I miss rocking out with some...
Freaking Shinichiro Watanabe, how do you continue to make amazing anime?
@Music Alchemist A Tenma lover...I like you already!   @SakurasounoPet I absolutely abhor most of the characters in that anime to be honest...
I'm not finished with Nanana yet Bowei but it's solid. Nothing amazing but definitely an enjoyable traditional anime experience.
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