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Sounds pretty good. I think me and a few friends will attend. I think I'll bring my HD650 and my friends may bring their 325i's and an A900x
I would be interested possibly depending on the location. I'm coming from Delaware @_@ If I did come, it would be with at least three other friends who have gear. We've been looking for a meet to go to before october
Nice Panda! When/how did you get picked up by Audio and Guru?
 I thought you just had your own audio blog thingy. Who do you write for?
 wat  lol how do you guys get signed up for this stuff? I want free stuff to try!  I wish I knew something about soldering stations :/
 Well aren't you just an Aki-Lucky Panda-kun
 With what money :p
 Yep, just got done today's episode not too long ago. All my love! Also Yoko Kanno is amazing as usual. Still will forever cherish meeting her.  I still have to finish book 2! Now that I'm all caught up on anime, I should be able to invest time into that.  So many just downright solid anime this season. It has been too long since we had a season burst with so much potential.  LOL dat 701 bass. Sweet lord. I wish my M50's weren't broken though...I miss rocking out with some...
Freaking Shinichiro Watanabe, how do you continue to make amazing anime?
@Music Alchemist A Tenma lover...I like you already!   @SakurasounoPet I absolutely abhor most of the characters in that anime to be honest...
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