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I know Akihabara has some lovely stores but the big ones seem mostly for high end stuff. I specifically am looking for an a900x which isnt really sold anymore.
LOLOLOLOL I can't afford NO kids right now. It is the railing near my room. I will say that I have plans to pass the hobby down when the time comes >_>
That's the problem, most stands just cost way too much money. I've been trying to get someone to build me one but no luck.And I've been chilling, mostly busy. But actually have spent the past few days mostly laying down and listening to the SZ2000s. I honestly am completely satisfied with the sound quality on all genres...considering I don't have my other cans lol. They are tolerable, even for classical. That and they give some not so bassy songs that nice low end boost to...
Haha dude I still use winamp religiously, old school skin and everything. I do have foobar for others to listen or if I'm doing something really particular, but Winamp just is too elegant for me not to use. The functionality is great, it's lightweight, and the interface is just perfect for my listening habits. For any shortcomings it has, I can't find a player worth switching to!Lol. I need a headphone stands badly. I like my setup but now I have too many headphones to...
Personally, for desktop I have not desire for Hardware EQ. I use shibatch EQ for winamp and take advantage of the power of my amp to just turn the volume up and turn high frequencies down. Right now, I'm a bit dissatisfied with phone EQs in comparison to my desktop so maybe hardware EQ is my only option. The phone EQs work to a level of satisfaction, but my desktop EQ just kicks it's ass
I don't have a problem with hip hop in general, but there is a lot of it that just doesn't have the oomph that others do. Like Antidote by Travis Scott hits real hard. So does Where Ya At by Future.
I think the cool thing about the SZ2000 is that the bass quantity and slam is so massive that they can make the low end of songs I don't consider even a bit bassy rock out on the occasional low end notes or bass guitar that they implement. As an avid Jpop fan myself, they work great for that genre if you are looking to bump a little bit ya know? On the other hand, they can really make some songs sound quite disappointing. I've mostly experienced this with hip hop. To be...
I be ready for a new phone until next year so no go on the V20 for me.
Yeah I'm not rooting my phone LOL. I already use Poweramp and I just turn the bass knob up. This is about good enough for most things. My phone is an LG V10 and I got an adapter to trick the phone into thinking it's using aux out so I get access to the amp even on low impedance phones. Any recommendations for settings?
Anyone have any luck with a phone equalizer? Sometimes it's annoying to know I have so much headroom for volume on my phone but not a good enough EQ to take advantage
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