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I have been using these for the last few days and i am so impressed with them. I first tried them with the normal ear tip and i thought wow the sound is great then i went for the foam tips and the sound was really much better. I keep listening to many of favourite songs and keep hearing new things in the songs that i never notice before, i think this is because the b2 can show much more detail in the music. I did not find a left right sign on the earphones, it took me...
I missed the delivery today because i was at work i have to go tomorrow to pick it up. I was watching the tracking today and was hoping it would be in my mail box when i got home but only had a letter to pick it up from the post office. So annoyed.
Not taking any chances preorder yesterday, thanks for the good prices.  
  DBA2 are S$250 in Singapore about US$200. I am waiting to see what the sing dealer for Brainwavz will sell the b2 for.   Raz: Will the B2 be available locally in Singapore?
What is the cable like, they look like the same as what is being used on other models.
Quote: Originally Posted by brendon The RE1s have a more forward midrange while the RE0s have a slightly recessed midrange. Sorry if i sound like a total nub here, can you or someone explain or describe what is means to have a forward and recessed midrange. I have read this about the RE0 and RE1 and i don't really understand.
Quote: Originally Posted by dweaver OK compared to my JBL Ref 220 these are MUCH MUCH BETTER. They are have better bass, better midrange, better instrument seperation, better sound stage. The only area they were not as nice as the Ref 220 was treble. From recollection I would say these are also better than the JVC air cushions as well. All this and they are not burned in yet. I believe anyone looking for a jump from stock buds would find these...
I have the chance to get a pair of cx400 from a friend for pretty cheap, but not sure if my betas sound better. How do the cx400 compare to the Betas?
I hate the orange tips also, i only use the foam tips and i threw out the other tips.
I have the betas, pl20 and pl30 and to me the betas sound the best pf the three, but it was only after 200 hours of burning in that the sq really started to stand out.
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