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Napilopez, before you return them, i suggest you take advantage of that and listen to their sound filterless, and with the foam mod. You might very well like them better without the filter and/or with the foam mod inside! (some people have been taking the filter out on purpose to improve the sound)
@james Haha didnt know that you had heard the VBs also (guess courtesy of dfkt?), i would have bothered you asking for for a comparison with the HJE900 before i pulled the trigger on them.... Your comments here seem to hint that you find the VBs harsher than HJE900 for vocals, which is exactly, precisely what i needed to hear to stop invading HJE900 threads with pointless posts about my fear of not liking them. If you dislike VBs harshness and sibilance with vocals (which...
Joker, are the M11 tips the same as M9's (except for the triple flange of course), i mean do they have the same stem opening diameter? I was gonna order some M9 tips but M11's are the same price and add the triflanges to the same tips.
Yeah just pull it! Come on, PULL IT! You know you want to!!!
Yes... Taking them on a plane with me. But travelling to move (and stay put for some time), not for trips. I have my JBL on tour for that kind of backpacking/hotel rooms use. I need something transportable because i move to different countries often. @armaegis : do you really mean A2 or do you meant A5? Based on what i've read im surprised A2 would be an upgrade over AV40
Hey now that's nice! Thanks! When you get the uDAC try to listen to them from its HPO, maybe it will bring out a smoother sound...
Those comply tips are so stupid expensive for what it really is.... ah, guess i will have to do it anyway
Thank you so much... but ive just spent some time reading about the A5 (a lot from your posts) and it looks like they would be very much worth the extra money (and time to get it), size and weight... In particular many people say they dont need a subwoofer at all, and since i like smooth & mellow sound they would probably be much better for me than anything m-audio that have often been accused of harshness (by you also i think)... Waddayathink? They still look small...
@Kite5 : I'm not a fan of bright sound and dont really need super-deep bass, do you think i could possiblbly like AV40 over Bx5a? Im looking at A5 but its much more expensive than bx5a here in France. Also, how bigger is BX5a over AV40? (im gonna go on a plane with these)
What about a cheap but good synergy subwoofer for the AV40? Im thinking about getting the AV40 since i travel(move) often, but would like the option to upgrade the sound with a sub without breaking the bank. I've heard about a cheap 8 inches tcp sub thats supposed to pair good with the AV40 but that TCP brand doesnt seem to be available in europe. Maybe i should start a thread about that. EDIT Quote: You can also consider the price difference between the A5...
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