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I recently ordered a film capped fuze LOD from ebayer rock_scissors_papers (which is, indeed head-fier average_joe) after reading that thread about the DIY fuze LOD (particularly pages 8 and 9) that got me convinced to do so.... A friend that owns an Imod with this ALO LOD also ordered one and received it just recently, not only did he confirm that there is a big difference in smoothness, yet detail of the film cap LOD as well as better imaging/3D soundstaging compared to...
I also love and listen to a wide range of classical music and i think the same principle applyes to this genre just like it does to every other type of music : there is no "the best", it all depends on your personal taste and preferences. Although, i think symphonic orchestras absolutely need an above average soundstage, and the sound signature should be balanced and most definitely not bass-light (i dont know why so many people seem to think classical is all treble and...
Thanks for that EricP, E-Q7, IE-8 & MTP looks like a great complimentary combo that i would like to afford.... not yet though unfortunately
You know, beside the prominent sub-bass and the boosted treble, the VBs are pretty neutral with mids that are just on the warm side of neutral. Based on descriptions, my guess is the MTP copper would share a similar sound sig, only more flat at both extremities, and with the same kind of warmish mids. Soundstage presentation could also very well be similar.
on a side note, the most recent MTP Copper impressions seem to hint they could have a similar bass to VBs : virtually no midbass hump (disappointing for bassheads) but great sub-bass when called for it, and mids that are on the warm side of neutral but never overshadowed by the bass.
Very nice impressions, thanks for that but... I think we really need more Gold vs Copper comparisons... The difference is really not clear, im not sure which one i should get! Confused! Has anybody here directly compared both so far?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rip N' Burn Now I've got the urge to buy some VB's! What type of harshness did you experience and how did you remedy it? Personally, ear-piercing and ultra-sibilant treble. Remedy : LOTS of burning-in, and a foam mod. Harshness is very much tamed but some sibilance reamains to my ears.
Jaben has never had them online but i know that their brick & mortar store do carry it. So maybe if you try to contact them directly they could arrange something Check out this post
Then it looks like Mingos WM2 should be the closest thing to improved VBs (although probably not in the soundstage department), check out their reviews by shigzeo and average_joe. Or maybe MTP copper, or senn IE8 (although they probably have more midbass compared to subbass, otherwise probably an improvement in every other area)? EDIT: based on reviews cyclone pr2 could have the same kind of soundstage and bass as VBs, but with colder/dryer mids, and maybe(just maybe) a...
Has anybody tryed on the HJE900 the Vsonic olive-clones from ebay? (they fit on larger nozzles than shures)
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