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Cyclone pr1pro and hippo VBs have both spacious soundstages, pr1pro has a more flatter sound signature but VBs have a much more airier, 3d-feeling soundstage, which separates each sound layers with a great sense of space and air between them. Its bass is only boosted in its deepest end (about same midbass amount than pr1pro), so it still separates layers of bass (and especially sub-bass) extremely well. Only its treble is sub-par compared to the rest of the sound spectrum...
Deephile, those are good questions, but... you should change your avatar! I thought this was headfier the_search_never_ends asking those questions and i was puzzled (since he owns a few of those IEMs you're mentionning i think)
Did you see how much the forgrand FG-E8061 looked similar to FA Eterna??? Im willing to bet there are a LOT of hidden crazy bang for buck gems in this forgrand catalog
^^Its still on the first page, in third position right now... http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/m...copper-470614/
You were probably talking about the uDAC? Very good DAC+ decent headphone amp with heaphoneout(obviously) and also RCA &SPdif line out. But no bass boost and cant be use as a portable amp.(but FIIO E7 doesent have a dedicated lineout on its own). USD99 on amazon. Personally i chose uDAC over E7 for its lineout, and also E7 is too big for me to be of any use as a portable amp (its MUCH bigger than the fuze)
I will gladly report my impressions but i have to let you know that will i only have the lowly FIIO E5 to use it with for quite a while where i'm currently living! I will (relatively) soon get me some Audioengine 5 (or mackie mr5, not sure yet) and a Headstage Arrow amp (even later) to use the LOD with, which should be much better to assess the sound quality differences provided by the LOD. Also my better earphones are probably gonna be the panasonics HJE900 for quite a...
Wow, i dont think guido is a biaised "joe fan", simply a very satisfied customer willing to share a very positive experience, but you Kunalraiker sure look like a zealous "joe hater" and your posts actually really ooze of ill blood & immaturity ! You're in australia and joe is in california, so he cant possibly have done any real-life personal thing that could warrant so much resentment... where does this bitterness come from? Why do you try so hard to steer any potential...
I dont think you will find anybody that owns or have heard all 4, so this is once again gonna be a meaningless poll, eveybody voting for the one he owns... I personally own pr1pro, eterna, and wil soon finally get HJE900 in a couple days. So far i can say pr1pro looks more like your description. Eterna has great mids but the bass is poorly layered and kind of mashed up (not much sub-bass and a midbass hump), also its generally upfront sound yields a soundstage that is...
@Joker : have you only compared them unamped so far? PR200 have a quite higher impedance compared to pr1pro (and of course pr100), so my guess is it would greatly benefit from amping to give its best
Enanthate could you please post a short comparison of Copper vs pr1pro (bass/mids/treble & soundstage), i know you have both and pr1pro would be a good point of reference for me to figure out the sound of copper. Thanks!
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