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Hey everyone, I have had some issues with payment of Tidal and was wondering if you all had any insight to the issue.   I have been using Tidal for about 3 months and each month they charge my card my bank flags it as fraud, denies the payment, and puts a hold on my card. I then am required to call the bank and prove that I authorized the purchase. Despite this the bank has continued to deny payment and now I no longer have access to Tidal at all.   Has anyone had...
Thanks for the advice, the Onkyo model is the integra A8190.  It is quite nice sounding so far.  The reason I've been looking for a phono preamp is I'd like to use the once as an integrated amp in another system.  I use either headphones or a Mark Levinson 29 (from the same uncle).     I have read some good things about the mani.  May consider giving it a try for the money.   John
Hello everyone, I have recently had a bunch of awesome gear dropped into my lap by my uncle, however, I need a phono preamp and I'm not sure where to start.   I received an old Linn LP12, not sure of the upgrades or anything as I haven't taken it apart.  It came with a Zeta tonearm and a Benz Micro Glider M2 MC cartridge.   Through some googling I've found that the cartridge outputs .8mV and has an impedance of 24ohms.  Currently I'm using a mid 80s onkyo integrated amp...
Anyone have any idea regarding Speedball shipping? Just ordered the kit on Black Friday and it notified me that the current orders were only shipped through 10/23.  I know this kinda thing is standard for Bottlehead but the 10/23 date is about 2 weeks behind other kits (most had shipped since ordered in mid Nov.).  I was hoping to get this in time for my birthday in early Jan.      Thanks everyone!   John
I came from the 555's and each change to my system reveals how responsive the 600s are to upstream equipment.  Go back and try the 558s after a few months and you may be surprised.
I don't have the speedball but I just bought a Sino 6as7g and it is completely silent.  I use it for upwards of 6 hours straight sometimes and have never heard any noise due to the tube.  Only $15
I assume the firmware is the same found by Claude, post is not dated on the website though.  According to the computer the firmware version is 6.61.
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