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subbed.  Can't wait to try it out when I get home.
Latest Audirvana + update (2.0.4) contains enhancements to the "Audio Engine".  Anyone hear any difference?  I haven't had time to listen as often as I usually do and I'm not sure I hear a difference.
huh mine definitely keeps the previous tracks loaded.  On a separate note my computer was really showing its age.  I have that album too and it takes it much longer to load into the ram.  
Miceblue   Audirvana loads the current and next track yes but it also keeps previous tracks in memory (I think the last two) you can verify this by loading a track up ( you can see it load in the song progress bar) then skip ahead a few and then go back past the original.  You should notice that the progress bar is not there when you go to previous tracks but will load for the tracks previous to the original.   Also for some classical hi res files 3gb could be filled....
I was too until i realized the numbers under the memory allocation bar indicate the length of content that can be loaded in either 16/44.1 or 24/192.  For example, I have mine set to 2Gb and it will load 50min of 16/44 and 11min of 24/192
Has anyone tried using the Wyrd to power a usb to spdif convertor?  I assume it would work but the driver issues with a few dacs makes me nervous.  I have the M2Tech Hiface 2 if anyone has that or something similar and wants to give it a go.
Well I've put a good 15hrs on the Sino so far and the differences from the stock 6080 are starting to become clear.  In general there was an improvement in all aspects of the sound.  The noise floor is lower. The bass has evened out and is not more taught, less boomy.  The midrange seems to have retained similar character but with less bleed over from the bass can sound a bit too lean on some tracks but I find it more accurate sounding for 75% of what I've been listening...
Got the Chinese Sino 6as7g in today.  Will post some thoughts once I've given it a few days to adjust to it's new home!
Glad to see someone already figured out the winning combo but I just ordered a Sino 6as7g.  I'll keep a look out for the TS 7236 but will have to wait for funds to recuperate, its been an expensive month 
Jamie, How do you like the tube?  I currently have whatever came with the kit.  It says slyvania in yellow lettering on the base.  What can I expect if I purchase the Winged C
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