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Jamie, How do you like the tube?  I currently have whatever came with the kit.  It says slyvania in yellow lettering on the base.  What can I expect if I purchase the Winged C
A while back I bought a Mullard tube from Upscale Audio and have been using it with my crack since then.  Just switched it out and immediately noticed the bass is much less present.  I like that the treble is more forward though.  Anyone know a tube that will work with the Mullard to get the better highs while maintaining the awesome low end?    In case I wasn't clear looking for a power tube.
I have Fidelia and Audirvana.  IMHO Audirvana is the better player.  I have far fewer issues with Audirvana and the sound is better too, I believe due to Integer/Direct Mode.  I don't have the headphone effect for Fidelia so that may be a selling point for you.  I would definitely recommend downloading the trial and comparing the two.
Would love to go but I'm in Tucson for Pharm. School.  You guys gotta set this up during a school-friendly time :p
Do you notice a lot of hiss in the background when you listen through the onkyo?  I have an older onkyo integrated and the headphone output sounds a little better than my Nuforce HDP but I hear a constant hiss in the background.  In this respect any amp made for headphones should be an improvement.  Otherwise, I will go ahead and throw in the Bottlehead Crack for consideration.  If you are DIY inclined it is a great deal and supposedly gets even better with the addition of...
Just downloaded the trial version of A+ 2.0.  Listened for about 30min and it seems to be working well.  There are a few things I miss about the old version, like the volume knob which displayed the overall attenuation.     I can't be too sure yet but I feel it sounds marginally better, this is likely due to the fact that 90% of my listening prior was with iTunes integrated and there has been solid evidence that this degrades the quality slightly compared to A+ alone....
According to the Audirvana website the 2.0 update should be available within the next few days.   The price for newcomers will remain $74. Anyone who purchased after August 1st will get the upgrade free. For the rest of us the update will be $39   Definitely excited to see how it works and will be forking up some cash upon release!
Took a few months stroll on the dark side (read: speakers) however a recent move has prevented me from using my speakers as often.  When I pulled out the 600s I expected to be let down.  My speaker setup had provided the best sound I've ever had under my roof, yet the 600s have continued to show they are no slouch.  They make the music involving and lifelike :) couldn't imagine having any other headphone.
Has anyone tried powering a USB to SPDIF convertor through the Wyrd? I have a Hiface 2 and am curious if powering it through the Schiit will make a difference vs the computer.  
Thanks for the help guys, I think having A+ sample everything at the same rate has been working out, no issues as of yesterday anyway!   John
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