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Not interested in buying, but I've had these headphones before and they're great. That's always an awesome price, I paid $120 for my used pair.
Interested in the XB-1000s. If you have some for sale, what's your asking price? I'm located in Ontario, Canada. So $CAD would be best.
Mobo: AsRock Z77 Pro3 CPU: I5-3450@3.9GHz with Corsair H60 RAM : 16GBs DDR3@533MHz GPU: Asus Radeon 7970 DirectCUII HD: 120GB SSD, + 2TB, + 2x500GB, + 2TB Back up PSU: Corsair HX750 Case: NZXT Switch 810 (Black) Keyboard: daskeyboard Mouse: Logitech G500s Monitor: HP LP2065@1200x1600 + LG E2442@1920x1080 + Acer P243W@1920x1080
So I ended up getting Kenwood x596 as my deck and four 6.5" Kenwood KFC-X173s. Someone I knew was selling 2 Canadian homemade 12" subwoofers with a JL Audio 250/1 amp. Their box didn't fix so I put them both in a ported box. I had it all installed at a shop and they said they set up the amp for the subwoofer. The LPF is set to ~65Hz. I was under the impression you'd want all the bass going to the sub, so about ~100Hz?
ProtegeManiac, I was thinking primarily sound quality. I don't care if it's not that loud. I haven't thought about getting speakers yet either. I'm going to be purchasing from Sonic Electronix, shipping to Canada's a lot but it's still cheaper than local places. I was wondering if these are good selections. BRX1600.1D or a KAC-9106D for a SWR-12D4 in a Ground Shaker ported box
Bump. I'm thinking of getting a full system in a few months for my 2005 Civic 4DR SI. Thinking of getting 1 12" Alpine Type R in a ported box. I'm looking at Hifonics amplifiers, but I don't know much about car audio. I'm also going to be getting a Pioneer deck. In total price is looking around $850 CDN. Anyone have recommendations?
Narayana - Naomi (Metropolis MP001)@ Soundcloud
Daft Punk - Motherboard
Yeah i thought of that just after i typed it and was lying in bed lol.My whole ear vibrates.
My Pro900s make my eardrums vibrate.
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