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Mobo: AsRock Z77 Pro3 CPU: I5-3450@3.9GHz with Corsair H60 RAM : 16GBs DDR3@533MHz GPU: Asus Radeon 7970 DirectCUII HD: 120GB SSD, + 2TB, + 2x500GB, + 2TB Back up PSU: Corsair HX750 Case: NZXT Switch 810 (Black) Keyboard: daskeyboard Mouse: Logitech G500s Monitor: HP LP2065@1200x1600 + LG E2442@1920x1080 + Acer P243W@1920x1080
So I ended up getting Kenwood x596 as my deck and four 6.5" Kenwood KFC-X173s. Someone I knew was selling 2 Canadian homemade 12" subwoofers with a JL Audio 250/1 amp. Their box didn't fix so I put them both in a ported box. I had it all installed at a shop and they said they set up the amp for the subwoofer. The LPF is set to ~65Hz. I was under the impression you'd want all the bass going to the sub, so about ~100Hz?
ProtegeManiac, I was thinking primarily sound quality. I don't care if it's not that loud. I haven't thought about getting speakers yet either. I'm going to be purchasing from Sonic Electronix, shipping to Canada's a lot but it's still cheaper than local places. I was wondering if these are good selections. BRX1600.1D or a KAC-9106D for a SWR-12D4 in a Ground Shaker ported box
Bump. I'm thinking of getting a full system in a few months for my 2005 Civic 4DR SI. Thinking of getting 1 12" Alpine Type R in a ported box. I'm looking at Hifonics amplifiers, but I don't know much about car audio. I'm also going to be getting a Pioneer deck. In total price is looking around $850 CDN. Anyone have recommendations?
Narayana - Naomi (Metropolis MP001)@ Soundcloud
Daft Punk - Motherboard
Yeah i thought of that just after i typed it and was lying in bed lol.My whole ear vibrates.
My Pro900s make my eardrums vibrate.
I burnt mine in by playing them at a slightly high normal listening level playing on shuffle through all my songs. I'm trying to bring out some of the mids by EQing. Using this image. Suggestions?
Agreed, Tsujigiri.The whole time I was reviewing these headphones before purchase I had a lot of complaints about the highs. They sound dark compared to my AD900s. I add the Noise Sharpening DSP and set it to 50%.
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