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what makes the LD's buggy? i've had the MKIII and have the MKIV SE now with ibasso D4 as DAC since i dont do portable much now.
well looks like the only way the find out is burn a bigger huge in your wallet at this point. lol   unforunately one needs to try it with a better amp to know if its right for you; err rather the headphones with you listening to them.
@kwang411   the cv4010 are likely from mullard england. since thats the standard naming for European tubes. and yes same tubes from different companies will sound slightly different. even the same tubes from mullard made from vastly different year will be slightly off as well.   and as for the Bass lacking from prior reads. i have found the RCA EF95 series tend to help with that. at the least when i had it with my shure 840's the RCA drivers compared to tung-sol...
yes please do continue the burn-in with stock. i'd say 100+ hours. and do the same with the others. so that way u have a roughly estimate of the stock compared to the EF91/92 improved tubes.   oh be sure to put a variety of music into the unit with burning in just to cover your bases. and hey can double as burn-in for your headphones if its new. i did put some pink noise into it as well.
man i never got that with my new MKIV SE. boooo
how much would you sell them out right for?
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