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Yeah, sorry matttcg.  Just the way it goes sometimes.  Look at it this way.  Apparently I could have got $1,200 if I had done a search before I posted.  But Tingc222 was at least gracious enough to come up alittle to $1,000 all in.  I generally follow the internet code of good sportsmanship and would feel pretty guilty if I had asked for $1,200 after I had originally posted the sale at a lower number.  See.  Just the way it goes sometimes.  
These are sold, pending payment.  Thank you head-fi.
Wait, so you're saying that you're willing to pay $1,200 for them?  :-)  I'll PM you.
Bumped this old listing back up to the top.  Still have these sitting on my shelf.  They're pretty cool if you're a collector.  They don't sound bad either.  
Picked up these last year here on the forums.  Not getting much head-time these days so want to send them to a loving home.  I had also planned to hopefully mod them, but free time is a significant issue.     These are the original HE-6 design with leather overlayed cups.  The rodblock covers are dyed wood however.  I'd say the condition is an 8 with a few minor scratches in the leather and the block covers.  Will come with the nice display case as well.     The...
@GermanGuy - this is just the most novel and interesting mod I've seen in a very long time.  Just really neat.  So odd, yet the most creative and outside of the box audio device I've seen. If I find the time, I need to try this.  I think I have some spare 80's drivers sitting around.  You Crazy. 
I'll add that the Coco that I used a bit more unique.  By and large, the majority of Coco is an orange'ish color and while I still very much like ANY Cocobolo out there regardless of shade/coloration, it is very difficult to find the deep reddish colored stock.  
Anyone know how to get ahold of Rhydon?  His old email address ( isn't working.  
Have you tried reassembling it and giving it a listen?  Having been working on all sorts of headphones for the past three years, I'm quite confident that those two small holes will not be an audible difference.  I really wouldn't worry about it in my opinion.  Just disclose it when you go to sell them.
The hole is the same diameter as the stock cups.  I peeled and used the same dampening material from the stock cups and the screen has speaker cloth behind the mesh.  This is one of my most flaweless builds and put extra thought and time into these.  My Nova Pre-Amp ->Minute EL84 push these high ohm cans really well.  I just loved them and wished I had more time with them before I shipped them off.  The price is very, very good in my opinion.  
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