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now how bout them apples, ultrasone came through finally, what a bureaucratic nightmare,  i am truly glad you finally got your phones and hope you are rocking out tonight bro.  congrats and all the best
cable pro looks good and  good service to if i recall
i was all set to buy two 2m mogami blues ic's, but i thought i see if anyone thinks i should get a different styl. i was gonna order from kabusa   what other inexpensive brands would be good to try?   thanks
mogami blues any good?     they are sold here     flexible?   or is a different mogami better?
+34    well that is interesting and horrifying, i am shocked this issue is not yet resolved.  i would just like to add that  Ultrasone has Godawful customer service and that there current management is seriously flawed, if the owners knew they would not tolerate such negligence and would offer you a new pair at the very least!
congrats be sure to try it as a preamp too
it appears that there are some different parts.   coolfungadget site:   and then i saw it for 10 bucks cheaper here i think it is the hilly ebay site not 100%:   all the parts look similar but you can tell that some are different, the caps look very different as well as the...
cant wait to hear your impression for ed. 8 vs 10, and adding the dx1000 would also be a good reference as i am familiar with those. they look so comfortable! cheers
  yes, but in its price bracket not many have as good of usb dac with 24bit/96khz.   and many that do dont have others things the hdp has like an analog input, which was crucial for me for my turntable. just keep in mind that you cannot have your toslink and coaxial connected at the same time with the hdp.     the yulong d100 gets good  reviews but i dont think it has an analog input,  and the new matrix cube i really liked but dosent have the 24bit/96khz usb dac it is...
yea thats good but those prices are too much, ive seen that stuff go cheaper, you could find some good deals if you looked hard and ive never had any hissing problems with my hdp, but i also dont have any non sensitive  + high impedance cans, so  ill bet that the people who reported the hiss, either got a defective unit, or were using low sensitive cans with high impedance. with all the cans ive tried the hdp has been really loud. imo it really needs gain settings for...
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