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  Looks awesome! you need to 69 those "L"s though; you are wasting a lot of material.
 this is one of the coolest setups I think I have ever seen, and no one even took notice.
I have a Fiio E5 Amplifier if you are interested.
best buy has these on sale online for 10 bucks. I love that you can even find reviews for crappy headphones here on head-fi.
  in order to prevent this, i usually have to roll the edge between my fingers while it is still hot. keeps the edges flush with the surface, but can burn your fingers ;)
i think the best way to tell if cables matter would be to use silver plated copper... are these silver plated?
me too, but 3 to 6 feet would be best. same price range, so i figured i could just piggy back on your post ;)
i think the difference is so small that it doesnt matter for digital transmission, unless maybe if you are pushing the limits of the length of wire it is possible to use for USB.   these days while money is tight i would rather spend the money on silver plated copper to use for my speaker wire and RCA interconnects, which i will make myself.    i have been looking at making my own USB cable, but the connectors that are available for a reasonable price look cheap,...
Does anyone know of a place to get USB A and USB B plugs for making your own, besides DHC? those are really expensive. or are they quality enough to warrant it?    i looked on mouser and digikey and didnt see anything gold plated
I want to move my dac/pre on top of my desk rather than on top of my computer, but my longer USB cable gives me errors when i use it with my dac. one of the errors is that the USB device has malfunctioned, and the other is that windows cannot recognize the USB device. i get neither of these with the included USB cable. I believe it has to do with too thin of conductors for the +5v and ground leads, so the device is not getting enough power to function.    The cable i was...
New Posts  All Forums: