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PM'd ya :) The Quads are pretty much what everyone around here says they are; simply fantastic. The lows are very nice and dig deep with great impact -- very different from any of my previous IEMs which were analytical (RE0, im716, CK10). I don't mean to say that they lack highs or that the lows cover everything, but the quads certainly have a somewhat darker presentation than the others. It took me a while to get used to them since I thought the mids were lost; but as it...
OK, thx Rawrster! I hadn't even noticed that he mentions an attenuator. I'll try to dig up a small project to put together here on HF....I'm sure some thread deals with attenuators.
:( I was afraid you would say that. So there is no way to reduce my quad's sensitivity?
Hi guys, by any chance is there a way to reduce (or entirely eliminate) hiss from my headphone amp when using my customs? My inears have an impedance of 25ohms and sensitivity of 118dB, so they are fairly efficient and extremely sensitive. Would using an impedance adapter work or is there some other sort of add-on I could/should use?   For specificity's sake, I'm using 1964 quads into a Cafe Walter instrument amplifier   Thanks in advance :)  
I wouldn't feel too bad. It's probably more a frequent occurrence than you might think :)  I actually called and caught them literally moments before they started making the shells for mine and gave my NEW specifics to the extremely kind and patient gentleman helping me on the other end of the line. These guys are VERY nice and definitely try to help the customer get what they are looking for.  I had changed my order from a Quads with a custom teal faceplate and smoke...
Who cares, right? Talkin' pennies here for bottom of the barrel cans. I'll be back when I decide to get something worthwhile and truly in need of guidance. I'm getting the RE70s  
I just downloaded from this site and got Malware (Mystart:Incredibar toolbar)....awesome!   I think I clicked on an advertisement and not the actual foobar DL link.
Hi guys, Normally I am a search and google hound, but these headphones don't seem to have many reviews up :/  I'm looking to buy a good set of "portable" headphones for office use...portable size because I don't want a huge headphone on my head nor do I want to completely isolate myself from my environment :) I was about to get the JVC flats when I noticed that these can be had for ~$35 ....is this a better buy considering the original price was almost 3x...
I had written a reply that I quickly realized was misinformed. Since HF doesn't allow deleting posts I had to write something, so.....nevermind ;)
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