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Ok guys, I got my galaxy S3 sorted out (swapped the used motherboard I scored on ebay), and got it working great.. flashed with cleanrom 5.6   Now This time I did not flash a custom kernal, and playback is absolutely perfect. I am using poweramp (worth the purchase, seems like the best music player for android). No custom configurations or setup needed, just plug right in and the phone sets itself up.    I will not ever touch fast charge, since that killed my...
I hooked up the e07k to my desktop and it was beautiful stutter free, as well as no stutter in deus ex human revolution. Which leads me to believe it has something to do with my laptop, or windows 8. As my desktop is windows 7. 
Tried gaming with the eo7k, in Deus Ex Human Revolution, there is a stutter on animated scenes.. I'll try to make a video of it.
My CKN50 came in today. Got them in the barn burning in (in the barn so I won't be tempted to pick them up for a few hours).   I got the white ones, they look cool. I hate the asymmetrical cable though.   I see the filter has 2 small holes, could probably kramer mod them, or pop another hole in there to bring mid/highs up? No complaints here, but I know everyone expects the ckn70 might sound better in that department. 
woahhh buddy I will never touch itunes =) lol   I'll give foobar a try
A few years back, i had an interview at monoprice for sales.. didn't get that job.. but makes me wonder, if their employees know how good their earphones are.... I think they had alot of females working sales.   Anyways, black sure does look good. I think I'm happy with my 8320s though, no need to replace them. 
So far I tried vlc media player, and windows media player (whichever version comes with win 8 x64). On my desktop it is win 7 x64 which I have not tried yet. 
Got the andes plugged into my laptop, recognizes and sets up instantly in windows 8. This thing pumps new life into my JVC HA-RX700s =) I gotta figure out why I am getting random choppyness though. Im sure its the computer. not the dac.    Treble 6, Bass 10 for me. Gain 12
If you want to gamble They just don't tell you exactly whats wrong, looks like one side's casing came apart, so id expect the wiring to be messed up, hopefully they didnt touch the...
I say some audio technicas, with the short cable with extension, gives you plenty of security as far as if the cables get pulled on =)
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