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Think I just figured it out. I just got a new sound card, and this has been happening ever since. After analyzing equal-volume left and right channel sounds, it seems the sound card is boosting the left speaker volume by about 1.6 dB. The left channel bar was very slightly higher than the right in the card control panel. I thought I was going crazy, but it seems my ears picked up and didn't like the difference. I have no idea why this is the case but M-Audio Delta...
Hi everyone, I didn't know where to put this, so mods please move it if necessary. The problem I'm having is that my recording/gaming PC is kind of loud(sorry I don't have a decibel meter), and is located to my left. I normally wore noise canceling headphones, which completely blocked out the sound. Now with my grado 325's I can hear everything. After a couple of hours of listening, I feel almost as if like my right ear is blocked by something. It's a very...
Nice! If you decide to use the knife, start with an uncut piece. I tried to take a little bit off of one side, and it completely messed up the shape. It's good for shearing off large chunks of foam but doesn't do so well on the finer stuff.
I'd say it has slightly more kick. I don't think it's muddy-ing the sound at all, but then I'm not an audiophile with super sensitive hearing so that's about all the detail I can give you
Black insulation tape. Here are some pics. Sorry about the terrible quality. I just can't get the settings right on this camera. Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio - Varun916's Album: Grado SR325i modded
Haha glad to hear! I used an x-acto knife. With that you can make it look really nice and clean. Unfortunately my right side was thicker than my left so I went for more, and now it looks awful. The sound quality is unchanged though. I think the tape around these makes the bass a little nicer. Right now I'm just driving the headphones with an onkyo receiver so I'll report back once my WA6 gets here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bilavideo I tried the tape around the pads idea, not so much with the G-cush salad bowls as with the L-cush doughnuts. I got more bass but the result sounded muddier, sort of like listening to a Bose product. I didn't like it. I did, however, end up slicing off a few millimeters to bring the ears closer to the driver. My fear was that in doing this, I'd just end up where I was with the doughnuts. But the wider aperture of...
Hi everyone, I've read all the threads of how the gs1000 pad sucks for everything except the gs1000. Partly because of the bass that is lost. Has anyone tried the tape-around-the bowls mod with the jumbo pads? Specifically on a 325i? What are your opinions of this sound? Thanks!
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