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Thanks for the prompt response. I assumed it might be a software flaw. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. It's a small flaw in an otherwise great product though!
Just got the M2 yesterday, got my music loaded onto it and it sounds wonderful. There is a small thing I'm wondering about however. When I look through my music sorted by artist, the m2 doesn't show any artist after the t's, but when I go the the file browser it shows everything. Is there something I'm missing? Any answers to this would be wonderful.
Would you suggest a better receiver, or a decent phono amp to go with the setup? Also are there any other speakers in that price range that would be a better choice?
So I'm venturing into the realm of vinyl and I just had some questions about some of the gear that I was hoping some of you could help me out with. Right now I'm looking at getting a -Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable found -Harmon Kardon HK 3390 Receiver...
I found a pair of these at a thrift store, not sure if their worth picking up or if they even work. They looked to be in great condition and they were only asking $16. Any info on these would be great, I can't really find anything on them. Thanks for the help.
Are there any particular brands I should look for in a AVR?  
Looking to build an ok surround sound system for around $400. Should I buy individual components or should I piece it together myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
no they dont really have to be incredibly portable, for example i was looking at the sennheiser 555's and the audio technica ath ad700's, so no in a classical sense im not looking for something thats not going to be noticeable on my head, but rather im going for something over the ear (i find these the most comfortable), and for something that will be able to handle an array of different musical types.
I'm looking for a good pair of headphones for around $100, any suggestions? I listen to a lot of acoustic music, instrumental music, and rock so i'm looking for a pair of phones that will give me a good overall balance for my musical tastes.
hey i really appreciate all the suggestions im gonna do some more research, i want to find a good match for my musical tastes, i listen to a lot of acoustic, folk, some rock and indie pop
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