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The speakers are in near new condition. There is a very small chip on top of the bottom woofer on one of the speakers.   They are a matched pair.   Asking $1000 negotiable, pick up from eastern suburbs, melbourne. Have original boxes if required.
The unit is in very good condition, the only blemish I can see is a small chip on the top edge near the logo.   Asking $350 shipped in Australia. International shipping is not worth it.   SOLD
This set of HD800s is in near perfect condition, if not for the 3 small chips in the paint which I have tried to show in the photos. The cable has been modified to work with both balanced and single ended amps.  Everything out of the box is there, including the frequency response graph for this particular set.   Serial Number: 18176   I am asking $950 shipped in Australia. PM for International.   $OLD
This is a stand alone DAC, without USB input.   This DAC's output can be connected to the Conductor's amp input, bypassing the Conductor's internal DAC.   If you're using USB you'll need a separate converter.
Taking offers for either, Burson has scratch on volume knob, Master 5 is perfect as I can see.   Burson: $350 shipped within Australia. SOLD   Master 5: $950 shipped within Australia. SOLD   Open to trades, looking for a power amp or integrated amp.
The legendary Reference 7.1.   Has been sitting around gathering dust for some time now so better to move it on.   Original receipt provided, bought new in Aug 2012. Ships in original box.   ACSS cables included.   $1400 Shipped in Australia.   Sold.
You could probably shave off some more by changing the wheels and cranks.  
  Then you would only ever attend concerts and recording sessions or play your own instrument?
  From the master himself:
  About 80% of your total braking capacity comes from the front brake. You can push your backside further back on the seat to be able to apply more pressure on the front brake.
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