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Hi ,  I just picked up an E18 and it works right out of the box with my 5.1 Nexus 5
beach volleyball player here
saw a guy wearing SE535 with fiio E11 at best buy (where I work) 
Spotted a girl wearing an SR125i    Rock On!
Just due to the fact that I take the subway at rush hour, and I am always on the move, they are a tad large, but better than most over ears because they grip your head like a VICE. I treasure my PROs, they are like an extra limb to me, one I can't spend more than a day without listening to...
            My current portable solution with not so portable headphones.
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond pt1 
I saw myself at college in a mirror wearing signature pros..... i got bored of trying to find something other than beats, so i count myself now.
You know you're and audiophile when you buy a thousand dollar pair of headphones and while you wait for them to arrive, you purchase a $200 pair of headphones to make the wait easier...
You can't afford to be picky!        (says I while eating cheap noodles and listening to my Signature pros)
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