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Hi head-fiers! Hoping someone can help me out with this rare item. I have an oldie but a goodie EX600 with a defective cable. Its left channel keeps cutting off and is sensitive to contact or movement. The problem started about late last year. Anyway, as most of you know, Sony has discontinued their dynamic IEMs some time ago, making their replacement cables (RK-EX1000LP and RK-EX1000SP) extinct. They were even hard to find when the EX600/1000 were still for sale.   So,...
never had any regrets with these whatsoever... its been with me 2-3 months now and i'm still enjoying it like crazy! trying to be musically versatile with it as much as possible and it always sounds good
price went up to 200 bucks already? that was quick!
--wrong thread--
i2ehan, sorry i got no decent camera to take pics with, especially if it's a small paint chip on a small item like an earphone.   but the sony logo on each earpiece is embossed and on its other side it seems the model number and the L and R signs are just printed normally. no fading or chipping on that side though (on mine).   about hiss though... i've been trying to find an erik satie album without much hiss. the hissing is unbearable for me. and i love solo...
the ex600's letterings dont fade because they're like embossed or something. the paint on mine though have a little chipping, especially the edges.
they don't look like they have replaceable cables. that's too bad...i was expecting sony to use the sweet cables of the new EX series on their future products.
i got a listen to the two most recommended jazz albums here. Coltrane's Blue Train and Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. They do sound great on the ex600. but i do hear some hiss on the recordings. lowering the volume helps a bit because i normally listen loud. sometimes the hiss sounds like constant hi-hats in the background. i guess that's how it is on some old jazz recordings.
speaking of liquids... the left earpiece on my ex600s kinda landed on very shallow water(i just won't give the details lol). i was freakin' scared to death! they still sounded fine after though... which begs the question...are these IEMs, somehow, weather-sealed/proof (or some other term like that) ? looking at it physically, the main concern is that small hole, or i recall it being called a vent somewhere. which apparently is a major part of the design of a dynamic...
^ hey ANDEROAN, i'm really excited about the ZO v2 expected to be released this month! i hope the price stays the same, around a hundred bucks.
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