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 Contacted Woo about the issue and Mike's sending out a new set of tubes... awesome customer service 
 Curious... although the Ether is almost three times as expensive so I sure hope they sound better. A comparison I'm more curious about is the (similarly priced) Fostex TH-X00. 
Yeah, pins are clean... looks like I'll be using the 30-day tube warranty
 Are the mids as strong as the DT-1770? 
 The one thing all the comments have in common is suggesting the bass is more pronounced. Now the question is whether the treble has indeed been toned down or not. Could these be like an "upgraded" DT-990 (unlike the DT-1990)? 
Quick question on tubes... how much random popping and crackling is normal for tubes on the Fireflies, or indeed in general? I have a new set of (standard) tubes and if I'm just sitting with no music playing I hear a brief pop/crackle every 30 seconds or so from one of the tubes against the otherwise silent background (I assume its one of the tubes because I switched them around last night and the pop/crackle is now in the other ear).  
 I feel like either my head needs retuning or I got a duff pair of 1770s, because I'd say the bass is simply adequate, and doesn't really stand out as particularly steller. It's there and seems accurate enough, but too often sounds almost overpowered by the mids which can get a bit "shouty" on some recordings (this out of both a Woo WA7 and Meridian Explorer). A bass monster this is not... more of a mids-monster. Certainly nothing like the more "fun" bassier balance of the...
Has anyone seen a frequency response graph for the 1990s? I'm curious how they compare (on paper) to the 1770s. 
I have no idea what that actually means. Colored in what way I wonder? And do I have to be a classy gentleman to buy the Amiron?!
I've been playing around with eq-ing and suspect that what I'm hearing is possibly the bass tightening up with burn-in (whether physically or in my head, I don't know) and a better reflection of the true frequency response of the DT-1770, which has a pretty big dip in the upper-bass region (200-250Hz) followed by a fairly big lower-mid hump. That does not play well with some of my music apparently.
New Posts  All Forums: