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I have had my production version HE1000 for a few weeks now.  My original SQ impressions stand, but I think the ergonomics have dropped a notch.   Its still relatively very comfortable and I can easily wear it for 2 hrs w/o a problem, but I think the other TOTL's HD800, SR009 and even LCD's are noticeably more comfortable. Especially the HD800 design which imo is the gold standard for comfort.  Maybe my head is shaped odd, but I get a sore spot right on the top of my...
 Tyll talks about this allll the time on innerfidelity.  You should check his measurements explained section, but to summarize... Well first off... I think you mean high fidelity rather than flat. A flat FR is not accurate or true to the sound of a concert.  As sound waves hit your head the frequencies are all modified by a head related transfer function.  This may mean that for headphones a universal flat can't even exist because all our heads are shaped differently....
 I kind of agree with all your points except I think the HD800 is faster overall, more responsive, sharper attacks etc.  I also think the mids and treble differences are pretty equivocal.
I've also had terrible experiences at stereoexchange.  To be fair its just the wife of the owner/manager who is the rude one.  That being said, she has ruined the store for me and I will never purchase from them and I advise no one to ever purchase from them.  There are plenty of other dealers who are freindlier and more knowledgeable.
Among these headphones the HD800 is by far the most popular and well known, but besides that IMO of all these headphones the HE1000 sounds most similar to an HD800 to me.  
 I'm happier with that statement, but its still imo not really accurate and hype influenced.
 Well you said that the he1000 was "by all accounts" better than the other TOTLs, which is just a ridiculous and untrue statement.  The hyperbole is absurd, which is by definition hype.  If you don't believe me, read icebear's or my impressions. 
By all accounts?  Not true... Do some side by side comparisons yourself, this thread is 90% hype and once the hype settles I think people will really evaluate them for what they are. I'd say they compete just fine w/ the LCD3 and HD800 and I'm sure plenty of people are going to prefer those other headphones over the HE1000... 3k is alot and I think its a bit high for what it offers, I'd say 2000-2500 was a fair price.  At this price the other TOTL headphones are still...
  I haven't heard any atc, proac, or pmc speakers, but I am pretty familiar with the harbeth 30.1's.  Great speakers in alot of ways but not faster than hd800s or as resolving... not even close.
  Lots of great speaker options but I haven't heard a system that's as resolving as the HD800 or as fast, especially in anything under 10k.  The speed, resolution, and practical implications of a headphone keeps me coming back to my HD800s time and time again.  What speakers are you referring to? I'd say the closest I've heard in the <10k range I've heard is a very well set up ML Montis. 
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