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The Ragnarok w/ my previously owned Magnepan Mini's were driven pretty well, sensitivity 87 db.  Not as good as my A21, but better than peachtree nova 125 and parasound a23 i'd say.
This is a listing for my beloved used Magnepan Mini System.  I purchased the speakers new from an authorized dealer 3.5 years ago.  The system includes a Magnepan DWM and 2 Magnepan satellites.  They are black fabric w/ black trim.  The speakers have been kept in an adult, non-smoking home, in pristine like-new condition, no obvious signs of wear anywhere, and powered only with quality amplification.     I have the original shipping carton and all original accessories....
Price drop
But what is being sold at the "not so silent auction"?
This is a listing for a pair of Sennheiser HD800 headphones.  The headphones are used minor cosmetic issues, but in relatively like new condition w/o any obvious wear on the pads or headband.  SN22XXX.  Functionally they work like new as well.     I have a few accessories w/ the headphone that I will include for free.  I have a aftermarket balanced 4pin XLR cable, the standard SE cable, Case, original box, and original manual.  I also have the Anaxilus mod behind the ear...
Can anyone enlighten me as to what the "not so silent auction" is?
This is a listing for a pair of like new HE1000's.  All original accessories, and box are available in mint condition.  This is a production model HE1000.  Strong preference given to people that can purchase headphones in person.  I live in Manhattan, NYC.  In July I will be traveling to Southern California, Vegas, and Denver.  I may be able to drop them off in person, just let me know. Otherwise I will only sell to respected headfiers with good feedback. Buyer pays...
 Have you ever interacted with Ann Wasserman?  She wanted me to put a down payment on a pair of HE1000s before listening to the HE1000 prototype (that Fang had invited us to audition) before it was released to the public or even a price was announced.  Ridiculous! She is awful and not the type of small business I support.  There are tons of small hifi businesses and dealers in NYC that are more personal and reasonable.
Most of the sales people are very friendly.  Truthfully its just the store owner's wife.  If she was there when you were listening, I guarantee she would have kicked you out after giving a little lip.
I have had my production version HE1000 for a few weeks now.  My original SQ impressions stand, but I think the ergonomics have dropped a notch.   Its still relatively very comfortable and I can easily wear it for 2 hrs w/o a problem, but I think the other TOTL's HD800, SR009 and even LCD's are noticeably more comfortable. Especially the HD800 design which imo is the gold standard for comfort.  Maybe my head is shaped odd, but I get a sore spot right on the top of my...
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