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These could do the job;   or if u want big bass:   The sony xb 500
Gbak, Do consider the Sennheisser HD25. I found them good for rock and they are closed and portable.
The Audinst seems to be the preferred option in this range. If you dont need a hp out, you can go something which has just purely dac functionality.
Marantz sa8004, Ayon Cd 1 s, CA 840, audiolabs 8200 etc are some that come to mind that perform the function of a cdp as well as external dac.
I hope this time around the output impedance is not too high!
If CDs are your main media, then its better to look for dacs which have better coax input performance compared to one that is focused on a better usb implementations( eg, arcam rdac). Along with the audiolab dac, you can look at ayon cd1s.
I have pretty much the same requirements as the OP. Listen to HD555 and AD700 as of now. The Denon D2000 looks like one of the possible candidates, though I have will have to wait a bit before I accumulate the moolah for it.   HM5, I have stricken off the list, as I have begun to feel, its a bit of the hype/initial euphoria.  
The Audio Gd Nfb-5 may fit your requirement and your budget.
I have heard the Asus Xonar STX, not heard the D2X. The tubemagic didnt seem like an upgrade to the STX.
Is the Emotiva xda 1 still available for purchase anywhere?
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