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Yeah I was thinking the bass is pretty exaggerated on those phones. I've been hearing a lot about the MS-1. Can someone describe those to me? What are the ear cushions like? are they circum or superaural? More importantly, the sound! I also like the fact they are built in USA
Does it have all the accessories and box? Is it modded?
apart from the AKG K240, are there any other reccomendations that fall into my criteria? And I'm not really looking for used, since that would broaden the criteria up too much. maybe try keeping it under $150 so i can compared it against the K420
Quote: Originally Posted by Acix There is a different between the vintage K-240 at 600ohm, and K-240MKll a 55ohm. The MKll have the newer driver, here more info: K 240 MK II - Specifications Is it safe to say that the new 240s are not muddy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Acix The K-240MKll are great deal for $120. So I went to headroom and set up this graph What does this mean? Is it worth the $30-40 over an HD555 or AD700? Everything i've found about the K240 say the bass is muddy. Is it worth $40 more (over the 240) to get the 271?
Quote: Originally Posted by weibby M50s and Q40s are closed? Yeah they are :/ Is there an open version of the AKG K271? EDIT: Found the 240 MkII, its about $120 street, how is it compared to the 271? I read a little bit on the forums that its muddier. Would a brand new K271 be worth about $150 (i really want everything in the package, pad ans coils)? How would the K271 compare to the HD555 or AD700 which are a lot cheaper.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxvla Sounds to me like you don't like heavy bass. I would try the AD700 first. They are pretty comfy but if the fit is wrong you can try the HD555. They will sound similar and have a different fit. AD700 isn't bass light, but it's not it's strong suit. Soundstage and imaging are great plus they don't need an amp. The HD580s nyjets28 suggest almost require an amp to sound their best further adding to your...
I have the HD205, they never loosen up. They don't sound that great either. My PortaPros really give them a good thrashing.
Hi I'm new! I've been lurking for a while through google. So I just re-ripped a bunch of stuff in FLAC and I've been listening through my modded PortaPros. It's pretty good but its not great for long sessions (sweaty and uncomfy after a while). I'm also pretty sure its very colored plus the cord is too short. I just want to get the most out the FLAC files as I can afford. I'm also interested in returning my portapros to stock. I'm thinking about getting into mixing...
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