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If a USB cable meets the standard spec then it will perform the same as any other cable, period. USB 2.0 cables are 'faster' than USB 1.1 cables because they have a different minimum. A lot of the cables packed into devices like printers are USB 1.1 cables. The issue however is with durability. a more durable cable will hold up to to that minimum spec longer and in tougher environments. Get the most durable cable you can. Distance matter some what as well, but I doubt...
Quote: Originally Posted by aristos_achaion Incidentally, why SPDIF only? 24/96 FLAC? yeah I have an all FLAC collection. Additional reasons: potential drivers issues, CPU load for the USB bus, dolby compatibility for movie watching.
How is the S/PDIF out. Is it capable of sending Dolby to a HT reciever?
hey that looks good! If that S/PDIF out is just a pass through, that means i can completely replace my sound card. Question, I've heard something about Beresford conducting shady business practices. What's that all about?
are there any DACs that I can build into a regular sized altoids tin???? I'm not 100% convinced I should buy a fullsized amp just yet because for >$100 i'd rather start saving up for a HT reciever. :/ Edit: i was looking at the Silverstone EB01, but then i realised it was USB.
I'll cut to the chase... I have: Audigy 2ZS --via analog-> Hitachi Old Skool Stereo Amp -> two bookshelf speakers My problem Audigy 2ZS picks up hard drive noise, sounds crap, annoys me. I want: Audigy 2ZS --via SPDIF-> **DAC** --via lineout-> Hitachi etc. The DAC can be anything that takes SPDIF in (no USB). Standalone device, DIY, home theater receiver... anything. Any bonuses like dolby digital processing are a plus. No Batteries. Gotta be under $100, willing to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zombie_X Indeed very old thread. But on topic, I have heard the PRO4AAAT's at the Koss outlet store and they sound a bit better than their closed counter-parts. Far more open sounding and more balanced. They still however sound like a Koss phone. is that good or bad?
I'm having trouble picking between the two :/ I just want something comfy and fullsize for relaxing, listening to music and movies. I have PortaPros modded into a full size shell and they sound amazing, so it makes it harder for me to pay $50+ more for a set of phones that may or may not be better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Halftrack Ordering involves adding the relevant MS1 to your cart, then going to your cart (check the left side) and checking out... Build yourself a CMoy? How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier I don't see an add button (i'm on firefox). Yeah I'll probably go CMOY but I want to make it rechargeble any tuts for that?
I think i've read pretty much every thread in head-fi about the MS1 and now I'm convinced. But on alessando's site... I can't figure out how to order! I've sent them and email but no response yet. Another thing is that I see they are super moddable. What are some good, reversible, comfort mods I can do without changing the sound quality too much? Finally, I've got some Altoids tins laying around and I want to build an amp. Can any of you point me to a good portable...
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