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What is it made out of? How long have you had it and how is it holding up? Also how long did shipping take and what not (considering its from thailand)
I just got my AD700 in the mail, currently burning in. The only problem is I have no where to store it while I'm not using it. I don't want to hang it by the wires or wear out the Wing system, or keep it in the original box. Plus I plan on doing a big move in the coming months so I want to keep this thing protected. What cases are out there that fit this behemoth? I know about Headroom's offering but its kind of expensive plus I'm not sure it'll fit securely or not, or if...
So I'm getting my Droid in a day abouts. I'm looking to get some portable headphones that have an inline mic/controls. I'm looking for something cheap (under $30, preferably under $20) cause its likely that whatever I buy isn't going to last long if I use it every day. I have some KSC75s I can use an adapter with but i hear that it isn't ideal because of cord length. Anyone use a KSC75 with an adapter? Has anyone heard the new PSPgo headphones that Sony released for $20?
Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry They do offer superior shielding(that never hurts), and at least they don't put ferrites on USB/TMDS cables...this is apparently a huge no-no(TDK does make ferrites that can be used on TMDS, but do they use these on cheapo high speed wires?): Shielding matters for long runs beyond 3 meters (part of the spec), so yes that matters. Durability matters as well. So do aesthetics. But so do placebo...
carbon fiber is extremely rigid. it had many different properites from wood and its more versatile.
AD700 sounds like it would be good for gaming, comfort and soundstage. though i will warn you that MW2 is mixed veeeerryy poorly, its audio is quite bad for a shooter game. Killzone2 and bad company (and the forthcoming sequel) are a feast for the ears.
amped portapros
SPDIF response: I also would like to continue using my current sound card for some post processing in games and what not. about beresford: was he lying about his products? are they actually bad?
what tape are you using? electrical tape works the best, it fixed drive noise for a couple of my jacks on my audigy 2zs (not all though). I've been looking around for a DIY EMI shield but cant find any.
wireless USB works relatively reliably for everything but file transfer. There is a standard for it as well, its just not very good.
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