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I enjoy listening to trance with my AD700's. But I'm not a bass fiend when wearing things on my head. I prefer a regular sub for bass heavy stuff. I like my headphones to be detailed and have a good soundstage. I also like them to be super comfy, which it is. The bass on the AD700's opens up a bit more over time. In general open phones don't really help produce much bass and the AD700 is far from an exception.   However, After listening to "Ratatat - Bilar" with my...
Yeah a lot of great new brands have come out and a lot of headphones have been discontinued. Maybe we should have a new thread for every year or half year? It'd be great if we could have some sort of wiki where opinions can be updated or if something in the manufacturing was changed, possible mods to be done, where to buy replacement parts.
thanks for the advice i think they are different. the plates that the v6 uses are vastly different than the 205's plates.   I like the V6s and I don't really like the 205s (just the passive NC and the tilting earcup). I either like it super bright, super thumpy, or right smack in the middle as a monitor. I basically switch headphones based on the mood I'm in and what my goal is.
I bought them for me mum.  they are the best headphones she's ever had and she's used to utter crap. So I would never try to pry them away from her. She doesn't use them THAT much so I say "sitting around" and "somewhere" 'cause I dun live with her.   I'll buy another pair of those when the HD205 finally dies. Since I took the time to break in the headband and get it nice and sealed, I'm interested in some modding. I just compared the V6's pads to the HD205 pads......
You are going crazy. All I can say.
I wonder how these will affect the sound. The sound is pretty bad already. I have a MDR V6 sitting around somewhere, I should compared the ear pad, I may just be able to slip the pads over the senn's adapter plates.
So i have a set of HD-205s and the earpads are shredding up. I love the passive noise cancelling on this set of phones... sound I'd take a pass on. Regardless, I wanna keep using them.   I want to convert it to circumaural so it doesn't hurt my ears as much, but I'm open to anything comfy. Making an adapter plate should be easy enough for any pad. What is the best value earpad out there?   I've found these so far, does anyone have detailed pics of how they...
I think I may get the headroom model if I can confirm that it fits the AD700. It has a lifetime warranty plus they are a sponsor of this website and an American company.
anymore suggestions?
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