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agree that the SRH440 would be a good choice.... but come on, saying the V6's are terrible is a terrible exaggeration. He doesn't have the budget for the SRH840 ($110) or M50s ($110)   edit: this deal may still be valid... M50 for $90 use Code: MTB0310 at
You will be very happy with the MDR-V6s. They are portable enough and they work well to block out noise on the plane when music is off. These don't leak if the pads rest on your ears, not around. The cable is single-entry, coiled so it actually isn't that long and is super durable for travel. A lot of people like upgrading the pads to Beyerdynamic DT 250 pads ($19) and depending on your ear shape it will seal better and feel better without degrading sound...
ad700 are way more high end than hd555. ad700 actually does high-ends well and has a distinct approach to low end, the soundstage is amazing. HD555 is just a jack of all trades and doesn't really have a stand out feature that's worth buying.   do note obvious bias in avatar :P
well GET TO WORK THEN!!!! :D   edit: What would be good is if we could put links to head-fi reviews/threads in the wiki
I sent an email asking for specs like impedance and sensitivity. hopefully they get back to me. I just ordered a pair, hopefully they come in as good condition the rest of you got them in. Anybody else have specs or an equivalent model?
are you talking about the foam disk? i think I can still use the original if i change it out, Otherwise the replacements come with their own.
Beyer DT 880 Pro   we should start filling this baby out   started it
the price is $86.60 now. great price. I think this is how much I paid for mine.
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