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So my HD205s needed new earpads. Can't sell these for more than $10 and  I wasn't about ready to send a letter to Germany to request those crappy pleather earpads of pain. I wanted velour and I wanted to MOD!  I heard a lot of people put DT 250 pads on their MDR-V6s to improve comfort and keep a nice seal. And I figured, heck I'll try and see if they'll fit and if I can be arsed to make em fit... if not I'll give the earpads to my mum who has V6s.   So they didn't......
so the beyer pads have come in, it looks like some modding is necessary to get these babies on. Also seems like mum doesn't want velour pads on her V6.   i tried out the pads on the 205s without the foam disks or mounting them at all. I just used the clamping force of the phones to keep the pads on. A lot more comfortable and sounds better for sure. So I'm gonna cut some adapter plates out of plastic (probably an old DVD case) and rig em up some how. I might create...
i own both the ad700 and hd555. i like the ad700 better. hd555 is good though.   ive been playing red dead redemption with the ad700s (single player). It sounds great.
Please see the link i posted a while back. There is the Audio Technica ATH-M50 straight cord for $90 after a coupon code linked there. I also recommend the dbi pro 700 off eBay for $39.90 plus Free Shipping.     EDIT: brought it to this page to show you   use Code: MTB0310 at http://musicianstoybox.com/_product_76813/Audio_Technica_ATHM50_Professional_Headphone
Just played Ratatat - Bilar through my macbook with the dbis. Really nice deep, thumpy, yet tight bass. Very little of the detail was drowned out, so the bass doesn't come at a big expense. Amazing isolation, I couldn't hear any noise and I was in a noisy talkative room. Soundstage is typical sealed can... not really existent, however there are no gaps   The driver looks kinda small... i'd say 40mm. and it has this metal grate over it. Then there is a screen over...
I can confirm that it's true. However some people like the greater bass presence of the 595 and the smaller sound stage. So because of that there are differences. However the bass is more "accurate" on the ad700 and doesn't affect the rest of the sound; tradeoff is that its not there as much.   Both offer great sound but my thinking is, ad700 offer something unique and enjoyable whereas the hd5x5 really does not. That's why I'd buy the ad700...
I'm saying you could do a lot worse than V6s.   Regardless i recommend SRH440 and tenatively, dbi pro 700 (for $40). What it comes down to though is... listen for yourself if you can.
@joelpearce: So its better in some areas than the SRH 840 and not as good in other?     Music and Movies wise, would say this is better than the ATH M50? Is the conclusion that it is not better than the DT770s or just different?
Ham Sandwich???
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