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THEY ARE???!!!   the new PortaPro has an ultra thin cable and the plug is very flimsy (its not 90 degrees anymore).
Koss's marque headphones PortaPro SportaPro KSC75 KSC35 (thanks Goratrix)   Which would you pick and why? This is picking out of the current models that are sold today.   I would pick KSC75 because its more durable than the new PortaPro and doesn't have that reverb issue the SportaPro has. Current PortaPro has been neutered in the name of cost cutting. I wish the KSC75 was blue like the PortaPro and has that bass hump the blue legend has.   edit:...
Found out my mom bought a pair of these a while ago and never used them. They look brand new and (knowing my mom) probably not even burned in. She said she only wore them a couple times before she put them away, didn't want to damage her hearing or something, told me to sell them.   These are IEMs   I think it has all the accessories: im716 (white) Filter Replacements Filter cleaning tool thing Flanges Foam Tips (currently on the buds, don't look...
I'm looking for a cheap under $10 solution to get both LOD (female) and miniUSB charging (female) ports onto my iPod 4th gen. I have a motorola car charger that goes out to miniUSB(male) and a casette adapter that goes out to minjack(male). I want to keep my ipod there permanently except for airplane trips or something like that.   I'm thinking about getting one of those Audio/Charging cables(similar to what cars have) plus a f/f audio coupler plus a USB A (f) -->...
Hey guys lets keep working on it!
i think you'll be happy with the dbi Pro 700 from ebay for $40. It's a steal.   http://cgi.ebay.com/dbi-Pro-700-Over-Ear-Heaphones-German-Made-/200413838417?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item2ea9987c51#ht_500wt_1154
2nded, the AD700 's seem like your cup of tea. At BeachCamera they are $84 with free shipping and probably no tax. Well within your price range.
what mods though?
what mods did you do to the JVC?
Quote: Yeah it sure is. I had gotten the HD205 right when it came out as a gift it was like $49.99 or $54.99, not sure. I needed it for plane trips and studying in the library. Worked great for that but I didn't want to scrap it because its burned in and has served me well and the price I "paid". I have dbi Pro 700s now so I don't really need these now :/ conundrum. Might just gift it to a family member. I don't DJ so I can't use it for that.   I've been listening to...
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