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Quote: Originally Posted by HiFlight The only headphones that I have found that do not pair well with the D4 are my K340s and K1000s, both of which require considerable drive for best results. It sounds very good with all of my other circumaural phones as well as my IEMs! There are precious few phones that do not sound good with the D4, IMO. Like the ES7's :/
Quote: Originally Posted by trentino I've read that the D4 isn't enough to drive head phones like Sennheiser HD650. And it isn't developed for use with IEM's. What type of head phones would be perfect for use with the D4? Well I too want to know what headphones , paired with the D4 have had a significant difference in sound quality amped and unamped. Apparently my ES7's are not good with this amp . or any amp at all. Would the ESW9a's or the Shure...
Curse this forum ! Just when I had made up my mind , I saw the (cheaper) SRH 840's. Would these be a better match with my setup ? I could get a T4 or D2+ instead of the D4 to save some money even further .
Hey ! I live in the Vancouver area , have you sold them yet? EDIT: Never mind just saw your reason for edit, sorry for the bump. D:
So I think I'ma go with the ESW9a's for my future setup. Thanks guys. (:
Yeah I was considering the ESW9's since I really like my ES7's.
Any others?
Forgot to say I prefer closed headphones not IEM's.
So I'm getting an S:flo2 due to it's great reviews and the D4 as an amp. I currently have a pair of ATH-ES7's and some people tell me they benefit from an amp, others saying there is little to no difference and others even telling me that it makes the sound worse! So unless more people can tell me that this setup will be pretty decent, I'm looking for recommendations for headphones that will benefit the most from my setup. I mostly listen to pop punk / alternative rock and...
This thread got me interested in one. I will definitely be pulling the trigger once I get my funds together. :P
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