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Quote: Originally Posted by dweaver I think the ESW9 will be a step up from your ES7, the bass is better in the ESW9 from what I have read. But if your OK with the comfort of the ES7 I would strongly suggest waiting to try them with your new MP3 player and your new amp. I know when I had my pair they were much better with amp and even more so with a better source. So you might find they fit your new rig very well. But if not the ESW9 is a good...
Quote: Originally Posted by kmhaynes To be honest, most phone or IEM recommendations are made to match the type of music, the desired sound signature you are after, and probably the amount of portability you desire. Do you want an analytical/cooler sound (ala your ES7), or do you want a warm/soothing sound (most Senn models). Granted, some headphones demand powerful amplification, but your D4, AFAIK, can probably drive most any phone out there. To make...
What about the ATH-AX00 series? Any recommendations for those with an amp?
I was wondering where the link went. Thanks. (:
Quote: Originally Posted by Get_Zwole So if you use headphones on the line out how LOUD is it? Can you turn it down enough to where your not damaging your hearing? The LO is the preferred method for listening to the headphones straight from the DAP? I was thinking about waiting on the New Studio the upgrade to the amp3pro2 but this is really drawing my attention. You cannot control the volume on the LO, however the HO is already great enough as...
Where'd the D4 review go?
Anyone? D:
C'mon guys don't be intimidated by the long title. :P
I'd appreciate your guy's opinion/suggestions.
Okay , I'm basically remaking this thread that I made in the portable section to hopefully get some more responses. So I'm getting an S:flo2 due to it's great reviews and the D4 as an amp. I currently have a pair of ATH-ES7's and some people tell me they benefit from an amp, others saying there is little to no difference and others even telling me that it makes the sound worse! I'm looking for recommendations for headphones that will benefit the most from my setup. I...
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