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Also , where would I get the best prices (CAD) for the suggested headphones ?I saw that the D2000 were on HeadRoom and it said "Call For Your Price". I know the MSRP is $350 so that's out of my budget, so anyone know roughly how much of a discount you get ?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrGreen Are you looking to stay closed OP? Preferably yes , but if there's some awesome open headphone in my price range , suggest away !
Would these be an upgrade from a pair of ES7's? Everyone's talking good stuff about them but how would they compare to my ES7's?
Are the Denon AH-D2000's really as slow as people say? Cause other than that I really like what I've read about them. D:
Hm , okay. anyone else ?
Hmmm, I don't know about the Alessandro's, they don't look like something up my alley. :P
Quote: Originally Posted by K_19 While Grados are great for rock, I personally cannot recommend them (well not all, but most) for K-pop/J-pop. This genre have LOT of peaks in lower treble/upper midrange and Grados, with their typical peak in this area, makes them unbearingly painful to listen to IMO. Yeah I understand that they are almost completely opposite genres of music, but maybe there's a headphone that's not AMAZING in both but simply well...
I have some ES7's atm, and I'm looking for an upgrade. I mostly listen to rock / korean music (even though I'm mexican :P) and would like to keep it under $250. I've read about the ESW9's but they are at the top of my budget and the AH-D2000's but seem to be sold out everywhere and apparently they are pretty slow, which isn't the best for rock. I like my bass but like it controlled and tight. They will probably be used from my s:flo2 and will probably not buy an amp...
Where'd you see the Cowon S9 @ $350? It's at $170 at jr(.)com. o_O
Is it just me or are the s:flo2's sold out on
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