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Quote: Originally Posted by milosz I like the Little Dot MK III on my Sennheiser HD800's and also the Beyer DT880s. The 250 or 600 ohm version of the DT880's?
Where are you guys buying your D2000's for so cheap? D:
What about the AD900's? Oh my so many choices. D: Anyone know any good online sellers for the AD900's?
So what would be the highest impedance phones this little amp could drive properly ?
Can anyone tell me how the Beyer DT770 Pro's sound with alternative rock? Just when I thoght I had my mind made up another headphone comes along. D:
Pre-ordered mine already. <3
Wouldn't you end up with just a "+"?
Would your guy's suggestions change if I said I might get an iBasso D4 in the near future?
Oh they're in stock on HeadRoom. What would the lowest price I can get from them?
Man, I wanted to get a pair myself, now I have to wait until people get them back in stock. Are they this popular that they are literally sold out everywhere!?
New Posts  All Forums: