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s:flo2 (amazing sound quality in a DAP + MicroSD expansion). as for the IEM's , I'm not into the IEM scene so someone else will have to help you out there . :P
Slightly off-topic guys hahaha . I just wanna know if it's okay to amp the headphone out .
Quote: Originally Posted by az2123 SR225i > V6. The only advantage of V6s are that they are closed, more compact, and more durable; however, these advantages are nullified if you're mostly using them at home. With regards to SQ, they cannot compare to the SR225i. A cheaper Grado (SR60, SR80, SR125, MS1) would also be a great choice; however, you can tell a improvement with the SR225i even without an amp. I'm not a great fan of their looks, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by priest In that case, I would suggest the ATH-M50, or maybe the AH-D1001. The SR225i is supra-aural and open and would be a less than ideal choice in my opinion if you want these to be for walkaround use. The MDR-V6 is also a good option, although if you have $200, you could try the MDR-7509HD instead. Never heard that one, but it's next on my list. I will be mostly using them sitting at my computer or laying on my bed,...
Even with my budget to $200 , the V6 are a great can for $75? Okay, I will definitely look into them !
Quote: Originally Posted by priest By full size, do you mean an open, earpad headphone like the Grados. Or are you looking for a circumaural, with some isolation? Preferably circumaural.
Is using an amp through the Fuze's headphone out okay? Because I don't think I'll be able to get a LOD. :/
There's a slight possibility that I could buy a cheap portable amp in the near future. (T3, etc.)
Upgrading from my ES7's , I'm looking for a full size headphone that will be used unamped from my Sansa Fuze with mostly listening to Punk/Alternative Rock . (All Time Low, We The Kings, Marianas Trench, etc.) Thanks ! (:
Quote: Originally Posted by g0rillaz0e Hey guys, thanks alot for the input. I'm leaning towards the ES7, mainly because I want something for every-day use. But my decision could still go either way as the V6 is a very solid headphone. Btw, how is the isolation on the ES7's? Will it piss off the people around me? Will it block out a good amount of noise? It leaks little to no sound.
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