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Woo thanks to kite7 , I got a pair today ! We met at a subway station and I tried them for two seconds and knew that they were awesome . Thank you once again kite7 .
Considering I'm only 16 , I'm a OHG right here , LOL .
I think I will get an s:flo2 and a pair of RX700's .
Quote: Originally Posted by Albinoni So what are you telling us here, the Ipod sounded better or the fuze ? The Fuze did . :O
I have an iPod Touch 2G and have been wanting to upgrade in a while . I decided to compare my iPod to my friend's Fuze to test out how bad the iPod's headphone out really is . I used my ES7's for the test and FLAC on the Fuze and 320kbps MP3's on the iPod and told my friend to connect my headphones to either of the players and press Play , (all with my eyes closed so I couldn't know of course) . After listening to the first , I didn't hear that much of a difference , but...
I would like somone to give me an ES7 - RX700 comparison if possible . :3
Quote: Originally Posted by Soul_Est Try here: 110220volts CANADA Multisystem TV, PAL NTSC Region free dvd players, Code Free DVD player, 220 volt Sold out . :/ Guess I'll go with Provantage . D:
Where can I get a pair of RX700's online that ships to Canada ? The cheapest I've seen is Provantage @ $68 shipped . :S
Quote: Originally Posted by Graphicism I would say M50s have more bass but less soundstage and detail. The RX700 are comparable and personally preferred to Denon D2000. I've never heard ES7 but from the looks would imagine better soundstage. You'd prefer the RX700 to the D2000 ? :O And I like my detail thus the M50's might not be for me , so maybe I'll get a pair of RX700's . EDIT: Anyone know where they sell a pair of RX700's online that...
I keep hearing about these cans , but really , for their price , how good are they ? Are they comparable to the ATH-M50s ? Would they be a bit of an upgrade from ES7's ? Any help would be appreciated , thank you .
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