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What happened to the helpfulness that was this forum ? D:
Thank you for that comparison , (: Anyone else ?
Anyone got opinions about this ?
Would the JVC HA-RX700 benefit from a portable amp ? I have my eye on the HiFiMAN EF2 or the iBasso D4 , which one would it benefit most from ? Other amp suggestions <$200 would be great , thanks .
Has anyone tried these with an amp and found that they benefit from one ? Even a portable one would be fine , I'm just wondering since there aren't many amp-related threads about this little gem .
Pre-ordered mine but got a two week shipping delay . D: Can't wait to get mine !
Not more than 2 days .
Just watched the "Young Artists for Haiti" music video and realized some of them are wearing ATH-M50's ! :O
The above mentioned M50's are fine with just an iPod or with a DAC .
It's also JVC HA-RX700*
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