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Looks like I might jump onto the XB700 bandwagon! Alas, I'm only 17 and my parents know I already have like 2 other headphones and like 3 other headsets, but I mean it's not like I don't use them all .. :P I hope to maybe hopefully get a Little Dot I+ and just go to bass heaven.
Almost a year later, I'm still using mine with my ES7's and RX700's, still loving it !
Creative Recreation Cesario White/Black Vapour .   sup
My s:flo2 does not show Korean characters . :/   I have had screeching between tracks, they were MP3's and only on one album, however if I choose the same songs from somewhere else, (ex. from Albums instead of Artists), the screeching's non-existent.  
  Thanks, I'll try this !   Yeah it is a big pain to try and select something accurately. And only being able to make one playlist is a big letdown. In the end, I just renamed some of my songs name to the same almbum, (ie. Playlist 1), so they'd all show up on the same album and I could play them all continuosly .
Yeah , so did mine , don't worry . :D    
Well it's been a day with it and I have some impressions to share . Opened the box, hooked it up to my Win7 machine with no problems and loaded up my collection of FLAC and 320kbps MP3's of Alternative Rock and Korean Pop, (oh yes, Korean Pop and I'm Mexican). First I hooked the s:flo2 to my RX700's. What can I say ? It was GREAT . I've been using the HO on my laptop for the longest time and this was over nine thousand times better . The detail, seperation,...
So I just got my s:flo2 today , I was so excited ! After two and a half months, I finally got it ! Just loading up my music now ! :D
Where on the website do you check our tracking number ? Also it says my account/password don't match ...
I like how the votes are 50/50 .
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