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Why does your :"Will Ship To:" say Anywhere, but CONUS in the actual post? :|
Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking of using my s:flo2 as a source, but now that you mention it, a DAC wouldn't be a bad idea ... :|   The E10 also has a DAC no?    
I've tried accessing iBasso's website for a while, but it says the website cannot be found :|   Hoping for more impressions :D
Anyone D:
Any suggestions?
Hey guys,   I've set my sights on getting the Denon AH-D2000, and am looking for portable amp suggestions.   I've researched pretty thoroughly and haven't come up with a solid choice.   Since I don't need a DAC, I've been looking at the E11, but the E10 looks nice and can still be used with my s:flo2.   So Head-fi, I turn to you. Anyone with any impressions using either the E11 or E10 with the D2000, or anyone that has tried them with an amp that made...
Looking to buy a good condition pair of Denon AH-D2000 headphones.   I hope to pay no more than $200, we can negotiate.   MUST SHIP TO CANADA as I live here!   PM me, thanks!
Allow me to explain. I'm trying to create an even better sound isolation by using my IEM's (MEElectronics M9's) and putting my XB500's over them. HOWEVER, due to the angle of the IEM's, they don't go straight down and jut out a bit, which causes the outside of the IEM's to push against the INSIDE of the earcups of the XB500's (the metal behind the cloth cover where the music comes from). It's not that much but I'm just wondering if this is bad for the headphones...
@above   Okay thanks (:
Hey guys. So I have an sflo2 and for my next cans I want to buy a pair of Sony MDR-XB700, and after some research found out that a great amp to power these is the Little Dot I+. Now would my sflo2's Line-Out enough to power the amp and headphones? Thanks!
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