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There are default blue filters inside.
I'm looking for selling my superb Shure SE846, purchases from japan in 2014. They come in original box and original accessories (except filters and opener) > There are only blue filter inside the iem. you see in the pics. Both cables moderately turn green but functions are still excellent as it should. Selling because they have been no longer used for a year after I got Noble K10. Price includes shipping fee to anywhere. Buyer please adds paypal fee unless you sent as...
  [WTB] Westone ES5 / UM Miracle / JH13-16 / Other top tier CIEM   Please send me your offers. Price should be reasonable for a used pair.   I live in CA 91331.   Thank you.
Sent Pm
My ears meet the criteria too.    But the problem is my $!
Nice review! I wonder how silicone feel comfortable over than acrylic.
Could anyone tell me whether the Q model roll-off compared to Jh13 or ES5? Thank you.
  Hope that you get it very soon !   
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