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is there any review why SENNHEISER isn't willing to upgrade it's top notch high-end flagship headphone the SENNHEISER 800 in the Ring Radiator Driver Series not electrostatic
Telegram chat group: no personal information is shared in telegram(email,telephone etc)   this b just goes around & around just like that,
it remind me of this:   also see here:   -------------------------------------------------------------------------   about the lawsuit sad to say I'm sure beats is more noun than the giant music instrument builder Yamaha,
OMG forget this nonsense lawsuit stick to this strange news:          my favorite comment :    
O.K guys I have posted a few irrelevant post it's not my fault when it come to beats it freaks me out    just wanted to remind you today is Justin Berber's birthday don't you see the intimacy   OMG!!!:     for more pictures check out: ------------------------   seriously I blame pure & Nobel Brands like Grado , Klipsch , Kose...
up up up no new comments ?
& now!! ladies & gentlemen Beats new housewife limit edition                  this lawsuit will become the funniest moment of the year!!        Beats slimy & sticky  series 
  looks like a friendly relationship to me.
   when will people realize colorful gunk is not worth it!!!      Yamaha we support u!!!      I never understood why they call the guy "DR" if it was porn it made sense 
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