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Well, actually my brother in law needs help. They just moved into a new house and he's looking for some speakers for a home theater. He has points he can use on a couple sites which gives him these three for his top...
bueller..... bueller........ bueller......
I use my Emu 0404 usb as both my headphone DAC and recording interface, but over the year or so that i've owned it, I cannot get it to play well with my win 7 64 bit system. It is always popping and clicking. I've literally tried everything. Can anyone recommend a replacement, that can act as both a DAC and a small recording interface?
Here you go Ray, makes the photos a little more friendly to view.    
Im going to bump this, my 0404 is just not working.  The drivers will never be updated and I cannot get rid of clicks and pops with windows 7x64 for the life of me. 
Brand New.  Includes all accessories, and is in a limited edition clear plastic.  Asking $sold shipped anywhere in the continental USA.    After watching the spider man sample, i agree it sounds "better" to my ears, but i am not sure why.  There is no way a 128kbps mp3 is going to sound better than the lossless file.  Maybe im missing something. 
Ill be there this year.  Had a great time last year and got try out some awesome systems.  For what i can bring this year...   Emu 0404 usb Bottlehead crack Senn hd-600 beyerdynamic dt880 600ohm
bump. Anyone?
Is there anyway that this program or similar can be used in conjunction with an ipod?  Mine is running rockbox right now.
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