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Hey Folks,    Long time member here, but first time selling anything. I'm selling my fairly new Alpha Dogs which I received last month. Includes the new add-on 'felt dots' which improve upon the treble. They can be removed. I just received these a little over 3 weeks ago and have not made any changes, adjustments or mods to them. They are in the same condition as I received them. Everything will be included as a new set would. The bass sticker is still on the headband...
No bueno. 
Very cool! Wishing everyone good luck. 
Thanks, Dan! Now I can stow away my paranoia and make myself a mai-tai. Thanks for the update! -Dave
Hi Dan - I made an order for my ADs on Feb 1st and have not received them yet. I didn't see any shipping dates or 'shipped' notifications on my account with Not trying to sound paranoid, but was just hoping my order didn't get mixed up some where.    -Dave
Congrats, man!
Ya'll guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing and keep'em coming!
I should be getting my pair of Alpha Dogs soon! Do new purchases come with this mod? If not, I totally do not mind paying the minimal upgrade. I haven't heard them yet, but it feels good to know that I can change both the bass and highs immediately. Can't wait to receive mine and thanks again, MrSpeakers! 
That's awesome news. It's been on my Amazon wish list for a long time mainly due to the $399 price. Guess I'm long overdue for a pair of these. 
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