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Does anyone have a V20 they can briefly compare the X5 III to?
Sure thing:
Howdy folks - I noticed that a few posts mentioned pricing of the AK240 now at around $1k USD. Can anyone provide links? TY!   *Amazon has the Gold Ed. for $1299 (sold by Beach Camera)
Got my V20 in yesterday. Immediate initial impressions were that it sounds as good as almost any DAP I have owned. This morning I did a few quick side by side comparisons with my desktop rig. iMac > Music Fidelity V-DAC > Blue Circle - Hat Peed Thingee. Cans: AKG K7xxx.   I used Tidal for both sources for the comparison playing a variety of jazz, electronic and pop. Surprisingly, both sounded very much the same. The desktop setup had only a few things that sets it above...
Great site! Is there cable sleeving in this photo on the A8? Looks great!
Much thanks!Much thanks! Unfortunately, I'm on Verizon. 
I'm finding it hard to believe that a 3rd party hasn't developed a Moto Mod dac/amp yet for the Moto X line of modular phones. The new Moto Z and Moto Z Force phones are perfect candidates to do this. Or, perhaps I'm behind the times.   Anyone know of any rumors or new about a dac/amp being build as a Moto Mod for these modular phones?
 I'm searching everywhere no how to root my NA Note 7. How did you get yours working?
I thought you had posted earlier that it was a soldiering issue found in the 3.5mm jack? Or was it the new headphone connector?
Thanks! It's new to me! Looks like another great set to research. I'm gonna be busy! :) Funny thing is that I went to a meet a few years ago in my area and a guy had the 500's setup to a Headroom balanced desktop amp. I don't know the story as to why they discontinued the headroom line, but I can say this. That combo was the absolute BEST headphone experience I've ever had, EVER.   I believe the guy who brought the setup was playing some electronic and some new...
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