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it is understood that you guys make me gonna have Havi sooner or later  
please please tell us your comparison 1clearhead  
still waiting for another opinions from different users 
They are not probably, but obviously fakes. seller even did not claim that they are genuine ones. compare just these 2 pics Fake:  Genuine mh750:
Where do you find them at $1.99 ? Even fakes are more than that I don't think they sound worse than MH1C though, at least mine sound terrific !...  
So if your DN-1000 comparison is accurate IS-1 should get more than 9.2 sound score from ljokerl , which is not believable for me.Quite a while ago Inks was comparing LG QB-2 with GR-07 and some $200 iems, he put it well above of everything. At the end many head-fiers quite liked them, for their price range but also thought they are obviously overrated.
yes, unfortunately it's cable is painfully microphonic and easy to brake. hifi-man should improve cable, strain relief and plugs of their iems.
Please make it better looking James  
It looks Sead is hereinafter referred as a very famous guy and we won't be able to get these for $15 this time. I've been expecting a detailed review from you ClieOS
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