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what we need is a "mister taobao australia" 
yes it is an excellent review, but I don't want to say it vociferously, I don't know what it means though  
I'd repair it, since it is an uncontinued item, even if it sounds worse than RE-400 (it's controversial)
I prefer fm radio tuner instead of a camera module (maybe even 10 times more)
I would like to read more about Penon iem here, but there is only a few info and impressions all I can find.    When I read DGS100 thread, I felt like I'm at home.    It has great clarity, details, and stage, boomy bass is moddable (front hole assignment)   Despite sometimes being overwhelming, it's bass is quite different, I think it's very organic and quite lively.       Any others sharing similar opinions?
I have an amp, but my dap's sound good without an amp too. B3 needs more juice than RE-400, but similar to RE-0
I've been expecting to read your NX1 review ClieOS
Havi B3 Pro I is a great upgrade for Re-400
Havi is again awesome, listening "Top 100 - Instrumental Hits" is an amazing experience with these fellas... 
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