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 Can't wait to read your early review with detailed comparisons 
 I've listened ozkan's modded Monk last weekend, as he stated earlier modded Monk sounded mildly different and better to me too. In comparison to stock ones, modded ones sounded more natural, more detailed, quicker, airier, less punchier, and way less midbass hump. ozkan did a good job here, he is in search of finding perfect sound, and day after day he is getting closer to it 
It is not an option for me, I need huge ear openings like you to wear them over ear 
Ozkan you listened newsmy with havi huh? where did you find them   
 feeling same here
 Do you know what batch is the good sounding ones, or the opposite? 
ordered from Aliexpress on the Oct 18th and still waiting 
We need a VE Monk vs. Edifier H180 comparison  
Are we expecting MONK v2.0 in near future?
  Just in 2 days, many things can change your life 
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