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Havi is again awesome, listening "Top 100 - Instrumental Hits" is an amazing experience with these fellas... 
I think you can, after you try havi b3 
No more FP adding, it is now full Monsieur, try adding to Second Page instead 
You are describing just Havi B3 Pro I sound to me, only difference the bubble should be a little larger at B3 I think.
I would pay $45  why would I pay more than Bhazard   
Is it just 7 band equalizer instead of 10 at X5?
1320 - 1396 
 So, we'll read T1-E vs XE800 comparison soon then 
are there some more detailed or updated reviews or impressions about penon iems here lately? still, there are a few things to read about these little gems I think.. 
it is understood that you guys make me gonna have Havi sooner or later  
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