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Please make it better looking James  
It looks Sead is hereinafter referred as a very famous guy and we won't be able to get these for $15 this time. I've been expecting a detailed review from you ClieOS
AstralStorm isn't there an easier method to boost sub-bass about 3-4dB ?
Is there a seperate thread for Havi B3, can you give me the link for detailed analysis if anyone reviewed it yet ?
Good point!
First time I didn't like sony hybrids and mh1c tips on RE-400. They cut treble, which is unnecessary     I like filtered tips best in the package
What a placebo effect...
There should be a RE-400BE sounds like SD-2
I don't think in the same way. More bass should not come with additional value.. There should be bass or balanced version of these
If you live in Tromsø Norway there is no visible sun, it is considered 24 hours night this time of year, in Ushuaia Argentina days are more than 17 hours long, I've lived 9 hours of day time today..  man what are we talking about :) Lol..
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