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 Sometimes I miss note thickness of my Sony MH1C, its mids was not a match with B3 but it sounds fuller. B3 sounds like it is tuned up to a half octave thinner note than RE400 or MH1C just for instance.
 Wokei should know this  we need one of his gifs here 
haven't you unsubscribed from this thread yet 
So technically it means, Kogan is not a 24 bit and beyond dap huh :)
After reading Joker's impressions, I'd like to ask you guys, if you also think B3 sounds thin too?
Is there any one both have Havi B3 and BA200 here, any comparisons?
I listen both consecutively, and think that either Joker should have a very special RE-400 or I hear it differently. After listening them both, I put my beloved RE-400 in it's box to prevent collecting dust. Mid 8's is an insult for B3, if RE-400 is not Low 8's or High 7's
Who said that?
much thicker than B3 ..
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