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Havi B3 with Sony Hybrid tips are great.. Mids are thicker, and fuller, stage deeper, bass stronger, and treble a little weaker now. which is almost perfect for me... just a tiny bit more subbass extension is lacking.  IM50 lacks top end extension and stage, IM70 probably similar
You could have found better sounding ones for $120 though 
When you become member, and make a new post you get this pop-up
You can sleep even with HE560 on if you have a Total Pillow  
If you try listening Havis with sony tips, its bass level becomes almost bone shaking, if someone else told me that so, I was going to say impossible.. it changes a lot by tip rolling
Do you mean whit bi-flange tips of RE0, or black ones of RE400 ? I started listening my Penon IEM with those white bi-flanges from RE0 and now it sounds better than stock ones
UE900 tips and UE600 tips are different?
Now it is mentioned 1000001th time huh 
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