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It is not an option for me, I need huge ear openings like you to wear them over ear 
Ozkan you listened newsmy with havi huh? where did you find them   
 feeling same here
 Do you know what batch is the good sounding ones, or the opposite? 
ordered from Aliexpress on the Oct 18th and still waiting 
We need a VE Monk vs. Edifier H180 comparison  
Are we expecting MONK v2.0 in near future?
  Just in 2 days, many things can change your life 
 How do you analyse your percentage estimate of the fakes 70/100, or genuines 30/100 please inform us
I'm very curious to know, if we can take the silicon "half in ear" part of my ancient sony mdr ed-21lp walkman earphone to monk earbuds, whether does it fit, and/or improve comfort and sound quality a bit... 
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