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I might be interested in a portable meet.  All I have is a pair of UE Reference Monitors.  I've been meaning to get an amp for it since I bought them, but haven't managed to do so yet.  Would be nice to hear some portable amps with the UERM's.
The meet was a great time.  I really enjoyed listening to a number of great setups, and picking Doc's brain about a R2R setup for my stereo at home.  I wish I could somehow transport the upstairs listening room to my place in Seattle.  What an awesome space!  I think this picture really sums it up well:       Thanks again to Big Poppa for leading the charge on organizing the event, and to Doc B. for being a gracious host!
 I only had the volume control on my Oppo turned up about 2/3rds the way up, just to be safe for meeting conditions. For the attendee who really enjoyed the volume control on my KGSSHV, I just recently put in a Goldpoint 50k attenuator.  I've been very happy with it thus far.
I'm bringing my KGSSHV, Oppo Universal Player, SR-009's and a laptop.  I could probably squeeze into a 3'x3' space.  Might be fun to setup my rig along side Kingstyle's Electra, or another one of the Stax setups.
Great recommendations!     Thanks Doc.
Can anyone recommend a good breakfast/lunch place on the Island?  I'm thinking of heading over a bit early and grabbing a bite before the meet starts.
Looking forward to next weekend.  I should be able to make it.  I just swapped out my attenuator on the KGSSHV for a new Goldpoint.  I'm planning to bring my Stax setup and some Top Pot donuts for everyone.  
 Would love to listen to the PM-1's, but won't be coming up from Portland.  Would you ever consider shipping them up if there are no Portlanders in attendance?  :)
Kingstyles,   I'd love to hear your EC Electra, as I may have an opportunity to pick one up through a friend.  I'd really like to see how it compares to my KGSSHV with the 009's
If I can make it out, I'll bring my SR-009's and KGSSHV.
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