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Great recommendations!     Thanks Doc.
Can anyone recommend a good breakfast/lunch place on the Island?  I'm thinking of heading over a bit early and grabbing a bite before the meet starts.
Looking forward to next weekend.  I should be able to make it.  I just swapped out my attenuator on the KGSSHV for a new Goldpoint.  I'm planning to bring my Stax setup and some Top Pot donuts for everyone.  
 Would love to listen to the PM-1's, but won't be coming up from Portland.  Would you ever consider shipping them up if there are no Portlanders in attendance?  :)
Kingstyles,   I'd love to hear your EC Electra, as I may have an opportunity to pick one up through a friend.  I'd really like to see how it compares to my KGSSHV with the 009's
If I can make it out, I'll bring my SR-009's and KGSSHV.
I'd be up for a meet, maybe late spring/early summer.  I'd have some cool new stuff to bring along with me then.  :)
Wasn't able to make it to the meet, but hopefully there will be another one sometime this year. Would love to meet some seattle head-fiers.
I am selling my super clean Stax SR-007 Mk2 headphones (all black US version).  The headphones come with the hard protective carrying case and the original box (which is also in great condition).  You'd be hard pressed to find a scratch on these headphones.  The headphones were purchased from Woo-Audio (serial # SZ3-1576) and have seen light use.   I am asking $SOLD shipped/insured/paypal to the CONUS or Canada (please no low ball offers).   Please let me know if you...
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