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For sale is a mint condition 16 foot long Stax SRE-750 5-pin (pro-bias) extension cable.  The cable was only used once and is in perfect condition.  Willing to ship to anywhere in the CONUS for $SOLD.    Feel free to send me a PM if you are interested or if you have any questions.
The KGSSHV has been sold.
I am sad to do it but I am parting ways with my mint pair of Stax SR-009 and clean KGSSHV.  The Stax SR-009's were purchased new in April, have seen very light use, and are in perfect working condition.  The headphones come with the original wooden box and stax cardboard box.  The KGSSHV is also in excellent cosmetic and working condition (the larger case with external heatsinks on bottom in the photo).  The build used the Hifi2000 chassis, with the amplifier boards...
I might be interested in a portable meet.  All I have is a pair of UE Reference Monitors.  I've been meaning to get an amp for it since I bought them, but haven't managed to do so yet.  Would be nice to hear some portable amps with the UERM's.
The meet was a great time.  I really enjoyed listening to a number of great setups, and picking Doc's brain about a R2R setup for my stereo at home.  I wish I could somehow transport the upstairs listening room to my place in Seattle.  What an awesome space!  I think this picture really sums it up well:       Thanks again to Big Poppa for leading the charge on organizing the event, and to Doc B. for being a gracious host!
 I only had the volume control on my Oppo turned up about 2/3rds the way up, just to be safe for meeting conditions. For the attendee who really enjoyed the volume control on my KGSSHV, I just recently put in a Goldpoint 50k attenuator.  I've been very happy with it thus far.
I'm bringing my KGSSHV, Oppo Universal Player, SR-009's and a laptop.  I could probably squeeze into a 3'x3' space.  Might be fun to setup my rig along side Kingstyle's Electra, or another one of the Stax setups.
Great recommendations!     Thanks Doc.
Can anyone recommend a good breakfast/lunch place on the Island?  I'm thinking of heading over a bit early and grabbing a bite before the meet starts.
Looking forward to next weekend.  I should be able to make it.  I just swapped out my attenuator on the KGSSHV for a new Goldpoint.  I'm planning to bring my Stax setup and some Top Pot donuts for everyone.  
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