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Up for sale is my HeadAmp Gilmore Lite headphone amp with Dedicated Power Supply (DPS) which I bought from another Head-Fier. I was not provided with the original box. This includes the Gilmore Lite amp, DPS and the power cables that came with the amp and DPS. All will be packaged together, and not sold separately.   Condition-wise, the amp and dps functions properly. Cosmetic condition is depicted in the two photos I have attached. There are scratches at the bottom...
Check PM.   Thanks
PM Sent.
Anyone know if this cable works for Bifrost? It says 8mm.   Or should I just get the 5mm one?
HD600 rarely goes on sale. The only time they have a big discount is on Black Friday. I haven't seen it go on a big sale any other time.
If hip hop is what you are looking for, you probably want a bassier headphone, so a HD650 will serve you well, not a HD600. Is there a particular reason you are looking at the HD600 and not HD650?
wow nice setup, congrats!
The stock silicon tips are bad for me. The comply tips supplied were the only way to keep it in my ears.
Well, who knows when the statement dac will come. Probably near Q2 or end of this year. Can you wait that long? :)
Did you get those Swans in Toronto by any chance? If so, where? ^__^  
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