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  Some people reported similar problems here: I think there is a way to get your purchased music back, but there does not seem to be a sure way to fix you library once it gets all @^#&$ up.   Restoring a backup seems to be the only way to fix the problem.   I created a copy of my iTunes folder and a Time Machine backup...just in case.
    I'm one of the few who did not like the PM3.   It just didn't wow me...and comfort sucked (on my head).  
 I'm glad things are kinda working out for you. I have not experienced any issues with my main iTunes library (Mac or Windows desktop application), but my iPad did get 'scrambled'.  A 5 minute sync fixed the problem.   Apple should give those who had their main library destroyed a free year of Apple Music.  
  Indeed...and that is why a lot of their catalog (specially jazz) sounds like crap.    I don't trust Spotify, and the company does not really deserve my business.   But now Tidal is being all obnoxious (and their catalog is not as big) and Apple is screwing up libraries and\or replacing songs with DRM.      No can win.   Growing pains, I guess.
 I spoke too soon... This guys explains things better:   I would be careful using Apple Music right now.  I'm making backups of everything as I type this.  notfitforpublic...sorry for all the crap you must be going through right now.
 The guy who wrote that article does not have a clue about what he is talking about.
 If they are using AAC 256 (I believe they are) then they are in 320 territory now.
 I think your friend has a vivid imagination. 
+1  The people at Spotify better get their act together if they want to survive.  If they don't upgrade their catalog to lossless (forget about finally upgrading some of their lower quality stuff to 320kbps) they will not be around for very long.   Apple Music has a better interface than Spotify...and Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer offer better SQ.   If they manage to survive (because of the free subscription plan), they will be a little player which will never be profitable. 
My favorite portables vs your favorite portables. This should be interesting.
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