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  There are nicer sounding  portables for around (some for much less) the same price.  The DT1350, K545, H6, P7,HP50 and the Momentum sound much better (to my ears, at least).
+1 The PM3 was just too boring.  It is not easy to put it into words...the headphone is good (the highs, mids, bass, build quality), but it is not a good headphone. 
 The Tower of Power!!
Here are a couple of pictures of my office rig I took this morning...    
 Ha...looks like anyone who would be foolish enough to get too close would be torn to pieces.
 Check this thread out...
 +1 My search for a full sized DT1350 lead me to the T5p.  I didn't like it when I first got it, but now I love it.  The T5p has good sub-bass (not weak on my pair), yet it is not of the quality or quantity of the DT1350.  Yeah, nothing out there is exactly the same as a DT1350.  The T5p is a good match in the mids and highs...the Denon\Fostex models have similar bass, but the sub-bass of the DT1350 is still tighter and it goes deeper.   From the stuff I've heard, the...
  There's always ebay.    
 What is the price difference between the two?
 Going by that picture, I agree that the Fostex looks better.  When you see both of them in front of you though, the Denon looks better to me.  Both are beautiful headphones.  One is a stunning blonde and the other one is a gorgeous brunette. 
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