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 Look for the old version of the PX100.
The clamping force was also a problem for me...but then I stretched the headband and comfort improved dramatically.  I can now use them at work, for 5 or 6 hours straight, without experiencing any discomfort.   Mileage will vary, though...
Nice...congratulations. You've gone crazy lately with all the headphone purchases.
My T5p sounds great from anything I've plugged them in.  +1 But together they make for a formidable one-two punch.  One open, one take care of every situation.  I paired my T5p with a HD800 instead of a T1.  I'm extremely happy and I don't see any changes with this setup in the future.  I add headphones to spice things up and to to hear different models, but I usually sell them after a couple of weeks.  I just bought a D2000 -- the T5p totally destroys the...
  You need to buy a Leather Comfort Head-Strap ($20) from ebay and a Beyerdynamic replacement headband pad ($10 to $20).   For around $30 you can have a super comfy headphone.
 My MDs were very comfortable...   
 True. Plastic + wood is usually not a good combination... gotta throw in some metal into the mix. 
Sony wanted $150 for the same cable.
 Those are nice....but wood always wins.
 If he does, he is just going to write that the Mikros 90 is better...and then they are going to lynch him.  
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