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 Welcome to a Nomax thread...where hyperbole abounds.
 The only headphone that I've heard that is better than the HD800 + WA22 combo is the SR009.    Obviously, I have not heard everything out there (HD800 + Cavalli...the HE1000...the Abyss...yet).  Congrats!!!
  I don't get the dislike for the T1.  In my book it right up there with  the HD800 -- the Sennheiser is just a little better.  But I  do hope that they release a Beyer that is a lot better than the T1.   That would be one hell of a headphone (probably better than the HD800). 
 I thought you were going to replace the HD800 with the Ether.   Are you not sure yet, or did you decide to keep both?
Every so often a new high-end headphone comes out and Nomax hypes it as the best evar.    So far, none of the headphones hyped by him have been the best evar, so I doubt the HD800 or the SR009 have anything to worry about by the release of  this "FIRST REAL HIGH END ....... HP".      It will probably be a good headphone though (perhaps).           Once this real high end is released, he will go on to introduce the MOST WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL....HP ever...
 Bad advise. You are telling the guy to forgo one of the best headphones in the world without giving them a listen first.   I'd say that the HD800 is a better headphone than the 400i or the 560.   I'd also say that hm22music might prefer the 560, but I would rather err on the side of the Sennheiser.
 The K550 also sounds very open.    The T5p is a much better headphone...but the K550 is great deal.
  Gotta love the moment when a basshead and the HD800 meet for the first time.    And you also gotta love how fast those bassheads run to this forum after that first encounter to report how the HD800 is soooooo bass light.
Have you tried plugin in another set of headphones to the TV?    If the hissing sound is still there then you know it's not the K550.  Either the TV has a crappy headphone output or the headphone cable is picking electronic interference.    If it's not the TV, connect your headphone to the iPhone and then place the iPhone next to the TV and listen for the hissing noise. 
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