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 Congratulation...glad you like them.
 This...and a couple for office use.
Agreed.  The HA-1 is very tempting.  I'm hoping the amp section is going to be great (not just good).
 Harris, What other headphones have you hooked up to the HA-1...and how does it drive them?
 My donkey...well...I don't know where my freaking donkey is right now.  I hope he shows up today. 
 I agree.  The MDR7550 is better technically, but the MA900 is not far behind. 
 So...does this mean you are selling your Questyle and buying a Liquid Glass?
 I do own the 7550.   Going from the 7550 to the MA900 will give you more mid bass, less sub bass, a wider soundstage and a greater sense of openness. The MA900 is a great headphone.  I think you will enjoy it.
 Do you prefer the Vali to the Crack?
  You make a bid.  You know you want another pair (admit it).
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