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 Thanks.  I'm not too keen on calling Sony, the last few times I dealt with them, the reps on the phone were peabrained idiots that probably can't even count to two without their fingers.I take it the Mk2s aren't available  from regular US retailers, then?  Mine came from a person who bought it in the States, so it is probably the Mk1?
I bought a second-hand 1R in excellent condition, but how do I tell if it is a Mk1 or Mk2?  I've been searching the thread and people say this and that about the sound, but no visual details.  Do they look identical?
Pretty much any headphone amp can be used as preamp for active monitors from what I know, even if it doesn't have a dedicated set of preamp outputs.
There are a few sellers selling the same cable(s) by from what looks like the same factory and available for a variety of headphones, too.  They all have mostly good feedback.
 Lots of head-fiers have bought all kinds of things from them.  Not everything they sell is great, so search for impressions.
Get HM5 earpads from mp4nation instead.
It should be able to playback from anything in general.
You're better off repairing the M50.  Replacing the 3.5mm connector, or even the whole cable, is easier.  Chinese $5 replacement pads off of eBay aren't that bad at all, and should last longer than the original pads, though I would advise HM5 earpads from mp4nation instead or earpads meant for Sony V6 or 7506 instead as they help the drivers breathe better and achieve a more open sound and higher quality bass and treble.
 Nobody recommends RS1 for those on head-fi, generally GS1k if any Grados, and not often at that.  PS1k might be the other good one as far as Grados, I assume.  I recommend HD6x0, DT880-600ohm, K702, K612, or HD558 for large orchestral/symphonic works.  AD900x is another option from what I've read.
You can maximize their sound quality, but possibly stop hearing a difference between the two grades, if you gave them better power decoupling capacitors like HDAM users put Mundorf or old Soviet caps on their "discrete" opamps.  You can see all sorts of relevant photos in a google search or Recent Images In This Thread up in the corner of any page of this thread if you are not on a mobile device.  I swear by Vishay MKP1837 film capacitors or WIMA MKP4 if there is not...
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