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 I already did in my own post that I linked, but thank you.
 I rewired my headphone.  So I push them all the way in.  You would have to go part way like Paladin explained, unless you rewire the headphone as I did.
I initially marked the right channel connector's sleeve, the first white ring next to the headphone connector, with a red permanent marker.  I'm still using a Brainwavz HM5 cable on my Silverado.
You mean a Bottlehead Crack amplifier with speedball upgrade?  It gets spammed in the T90 thread, if it really is good for T90 then it should be good for HD650 as well.  Almost no impressions around of the Crack vs. MAD Ear+ HD.
That's a good one.
 That's fine if you don't care for EQ, but do play with it.  It is very educational.
 Beat ya to it a few years back, hahaha:  Another guy's version: 
The Silverado's is extra-crappy.
 I regret not getting one during that opportunity time.
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