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 No, they have nothing in common.
OPA827 frickin' rules!  Very, very high fidelity. I don't like OPA627, but it has its hefty fan base.
It looks like you could be right.  I would ask on kvr or gearslutz instead or something.
What do you mean off by 1mm?
If it is balanced, then a splitter will not do, your headphone cables will have to be reterminated (or even recabled) to use dual 3.5mm plugs like some balanced amps and headphones use dual 3-pin XLRs.
DT990-600 (yeah, 600 ohm, the 250 and 32 versions sound awful) and T90 are immensely fun. Beware that T90 is a treble monster, so tread with caution, but the quality will not disappoint you.  I love it myself.  ATH-W1000X must be a lot of fun, but I haven't had the chance to try it yet.  It has a lot in common sonically with A2000X according to what a few W1kX owners told me, so with copious bass and woody flavoring, it must surely be quite, quite fun, and the quality...
No Vmoda cables will be stiff like the AQ.  That Griffin cable looks like it should be compatible as well.
Replacement pleather ear cushions meant for Beyerdynamic's DT770 should do.
For some reason I mistook "re-400" as "he-400", one of hifiman's orthodynamics. Shoot me.   The "mysterious hole" is a bass port.  I guess I can't be of any help.
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