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I guess your earpads are very squished now?  Funny that you should have no issue with M40x.   DT770's headband is steel underneath the padding, so you can bend it outwards to relieve pressure without breaking it.  Bend it a little more than your own head does, then let the headband return to its normal position, then bend it again, a little farther out this time (just a little), and let it return and then check the fit on your head.  Repeat until it is more comfortable. ...
 T90 is a treble monster, one of the most fun headphones, in my opinion.  DT990 sounds like a lesser imitation of T90. 
Spare headband with gimbals and stock vinyl pad.  Great condition.   Price is firm and includes shippng and paypal fees.
Hello!   Up for sale today is a Sennheiser Momentum Over-ear (1st gen).  It is in great condition.  I am the second owner, it has been used in non-smoking homes.  Padding is in good shape. It includes its storage case and a plain, short black cable. Nice headphone, almost like it enough to keep in my collection.   I don't recommend this headphone if you do not have small ears.   No trades.   Feel free to ask me any questions.     Sennheiser Momentum...
Hello!   Up for sale today is an Ultrasone Performance 840.  It is in like-new condition.  I am the second owner, it has been used in non-smoking homes. It includes its storage bag as well as its long and short cables. Fine headphone, love it but now want to shoot for an 880 model.   On a side note, if you wish to try an upgrade/different cable from the stock Ultrasone cables, Ultrasone apparently decided to go with HD5x8/M50x/M40x-like connectors.  Any cable meant...
Same size, yes.
 WIMA, Vishay, Epcos, and Evox/Kemet don't take that long to burn in, in my experience.  Not even 8 hours.
It sells by the hundreds every time.  It's all the rage.
 K181 goes for $80 on Massdrop, $99 on Amazon. If you want to build your own cable, you can google up the wiring pattern, it is noted in many places.
New Posts  All Forums: