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 Google turned this up in an instant.  They are probably using the same pads, that's as much as I can tell from this picture.
 The 600-ohm DT990 is much more than "a little better".  Worth a try.
Bass impact leaks out the back, same as Q701 and its variants, lol. I would recommend a closed-back for any worthwhile bass impact, or do the bass mod on your Q701.
Sweet!  Can't wait to get one!
"Her"? lol
I love the look of those cables.
 HD5x5 pads are the same, just velour instead of pleather.  I swapped my 380's pads with 598's, I thought that they both sounded like crap afterwards.  You should try it out if you are curious, lol, just don't hope for anything good.  They could each be made to sound good with the different pads AND the right modifications, possibly.I read some guys discussing aftermarket upgrade pads for 380 from some UK-based seller on the bay.  They are pleathers as well.
I scored a used Clip+ for very cheap, I figured, "What the heck?  Let's see what all the fuss is about."  Is it normal for it to get congested during more complex passages?  =\   Edit: the EQ was on.  Turning it off fixed the issue.
Touché.  =D
 A synonym for "modified wood pulp".  Calling them "paper" would be very bad for marketing.  The food industry has the same attitude, you know?  
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