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You can try adding tape on top of the plastic chuck so that it bites down harder for a more secure grip.   Amphenol RCAs are the way to go, buddy. 
 I saw one eBay seller using them in the hand-made cables he sells.  I would love to try them out myself.
Anyone tried these Amphenol minis with blingier body and shaft extension?  How do you like the look if you have? I'll probably go for a few next time that I order from Mouser.  
Don't underestimate weight-loading!
You like a knob instead of buttons? It seems to be able to use a remote control for selecting volume level and inputs/outputs, I don't know if it is separate or one is included already. $50 for each additional remote strikes me as a bit much for a remote, though.
That small?  You will probably have to build it. Otherwise, if you can get such an adapter off of eBay.
Only one.
Oyaide's regular 3.5mm PCOCC cables are supposed to have an Ultrasone-compatible plug on one end.
  I've been spending time with HD280 pads, new ones this time and with the grey tuning foam in the back removed.  The grey foam cripples the sound for M50.   Oh yeah!  These pads rule!  Bass quality is better than ever, mids are still balanced and clear, if I bit more fleshed out now, and treble is balanced yet still clear and bright, never fatiguing.  The ~10kHz peak is much smaller now without the stock pads.  The midrange/treble balanced is close to flat, then the...
Measure the baffle diameter in millimeters and search up equivalent-sized pads on fleaBay.   Cut out the dust screens if you want, they might, though unlikely, be needed on the new pads.  Also, HM5 pads are worth a go.  Great results on V6, they will probably help bring out more of CD900ST's goodness, too.
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