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Any pleather (faux leather, protein leather, polyurethane pads, whatever you like to call 'em) pads will eventually flake and disintegrate with time and use.  Faster if you don't have a habit of wiping down your headphone's padding with your shirt or a towel or what have you after every use. Even if you take care of pleather or genuine leather (which, by the way, is likely tanned using toxic chemicals that make it bad for you), the foam sponge inside that gives the pads...
If the drivers are anything like HD5x5/5x8, then it shouldn't be that amp-dependent.
 So you feel that 579 is lacking bass even in comparison to what you are accustomed to on HD600 and HD800S? And yes, your impression is understandable, thank you.
 Look into SZ2000 and Pro900 if you want more.
 No harm done. 
The all-grey would look nicer this way, I think (original on the right for comparison):       Edit: What I would personally like better, or something akin to this:  
 Nice to know.  Actually, the first HD598 I tried had very pronounced upper bass.  I don't know why, I checked it out, inside and out, and couldn't see why.  Sound-wise comparable to HD558, so I don't think it was defective.  Maybe it was some kind of bizarre manufacturing error, who knows.  It seemed fine to me, at first, but my friend who owns one told me that it isn't supposed to have boosted bass.  The extra bass didn't disappear with use.HD558 has pronounced upper...
 Sennheiser doesn't need to worry about that.
DT770 has boosted bass and treble, though not as much if you flatten the earpads.  Kind of a bulky headphone for on-the-go use, too, but some people are comfortable using it that way anyway.   Still, I think you should be looking at the M-Audio HDH50 (same as Akai MPC and Denon HP2000) instead.   You're definitely going to lose bass in a noisy environment, so consider the Sennheiser HD25.  Balanced mids/treble, high isolation, and boosted bass, but it is an on-ear...
New Posts  All Forums: