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 There should be a noticeable difference given that the v2 earpads have a bigger opening than the v1.  It's not going to be drastic as the rest of the v2 headphone looks to be pretty much the same, ignoring the folding joints.
The increase in volume of air being moved between the drivers and your ears?  Yes.  The stock earpads' openings are too small.
 I made no modifications to the fit.  You can try bending the headphone's headband for a tighter fit.  Alternatively, Brainwavz HM5 pads can probably be stretched to fit the headphone cups - if it can be done to K553, it will work with the A1000.  I was thinking of trying these pads later: http://www.ebay.com/itm/105-mm-x-105mm-Replacement-Velour-Velvet-Ear-Pads-Cushion-For-Headphones-Headset-/261954621742They might improve sound, and fit and comfort may be better for...
 Regarding what?
 I did that recently and it was too harsh and fatiguing, too many sharp peaks throughout the audio band.  I tried adding more dynamat to the backside of the baffle than I already had and that solved the issue entirely.  I think Pioneer really did do a good job with the drivers after all, but the housing needs to be dampened against vibration or made of that magnesium stuff like with ATH-AD2000, AD900, etc.Alternatively, they should have used wood.  The cloth covers tame...
 The headband is malleable steel.  Bend the cups outwards little by little until the fit is loose enough for you.
Standard DT770 will make an unmodified M50 with stock earpads sound like flabby crap with poor soundstaging.  It's sound attack will be close to HD25.  I'm sure you'll like it.
 They all varied in bass and treble quality.  Nothing noticeable in midrange, though.  In addition to those three I've repaired a few dozen DT770-80s for other folks around here, mostly studio folks and "bedroom DJs".  Using my only my own earpads, I heard some with flatulent, one-note bass and some had sick, rock-solid bass that reminds me of my T50p.  Most fell somewhere in between.  Some had clear treble, some had dark and murky treble.  Some had both superb bass and...
 Oh yeah.  Manufacturing tolerances aren't that tight on Beyerdynamic headphones.  I rolled DT770-80s and heard more variations than I expected.  I'm now on a 250-ohm DT770, though.
 M40x uses the same size pads as the M50x.The pads discussed with respect to M50x all fit M40x, M30x, and M20x as well.
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