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Tried the power pin trick with my Risio.  It doesn't detect the P50 unless it draws power.  Oh well.
 There isn't anything wrong with the stock velours, but some folks may prefer the sound with some other pads.  Some guys love K702 pads around here. I haven't given K702 pads a serious try, and I did try regular all-pleather HM5s but preferred the stock velours over those.  I've thought of trying out HM5 velours, but have been procrastinating on the idea.
I just pull it off.  It is neither too easy or difficult. If some bits remain on the aluminum, use the rubber itself to remove it.  Just like the adhesive of PVC electrical tape, though far less messy, the rubber tends to stick to itself most.  With a little wad, just tap it quickly on the leftover bits.  Gotta love that about the stuff.
Let's google that:   It seems that it can sometimes be distinguished by red (instead of black) headband end blocks.  It appears to be exclusive to Europe.  Can be had in 32-ohm, 80-ohm, or 250-ohm versions.  If it doesn't say that it has a limiter, then it is a regular DT770.  
If the fiberfill isn't very close to exactly the right amount in each cup (and even with the same distribution/positioning), you can get an imbalance of sorts.   I found it more 3D with the fiberfill, maybe you are putting in too much?  I don't know.   Layering Dynamat on top of itself to thicken the strips led to the addition of treble peaks in HD650 when I tried it, so I avoid doing that to any significant degree.  Adding more of the black rubber underneath a single...
The Deckard amplifier looks like an HPA-3U with a different chassis that Matrix must be making for Audeze.  HPA-3B is the balanced version without an internal DAC.
It would multiply the DC voltage AND THEN pass it on.   But that's after removing both the big blue DC input caps and the little green WIMAs before the opamp which serve to filter RFI.  The green WIMAs also block DC to some extent.   In my case, all of my DACs have zero DC offset at their outputs, so I have nothing to worry about by removing the input caps, and the sound quality improvement rules.  As mentioned earlier in the thread, if you are unsure, just leave the...
Denon HP2000 and the Akai MPC headphones
Cheaper due to lack of popularity, I suppose.
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