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Depends on the IEMs' sensitivity.
I feel that my T90's soundstage is almost as massive as my K701's.  At times, T90 has a slight edge thanks to its better upper treble at that.T90 seems to be a bit more dependent on how a track's reverb is tuned.     Well, lots of headphones are brighter than 7506/V6.
That Denon version looks sweet.
 They should be similar enough.  There's a few pics in the T90 thread, like this one.
Get another broken M50.  Pics of the damage?  You might still be able to make do by simply gluing the yokes back together with Gorilla glue and soldering the cut wires back together.
I tried DT880 and DT770 pads on my T90 some time back.  I did not like or care for the change in sound, though perhaps some may like it.
Freaking Sony had a few too many mushrooms.
Viablue T6s.  Get the slimmer version, that's the one you want.
You didn't miss anything that special.   Good chip opamps can't be beat in the end.
I've never liked the Mach3Bass with anything I've ever had.  It just seems to fudge up the bass and roll it off.
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