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 See T90.  What DT990(pro) wishes to be, I believe, although the 600-ohm version of DT990 Premium already fixes everything I dislike about DT990pro's sound while remaining oh so very fun, and then T90 goes even farther.  I love my T90, but if it weren't around, I would gladly have a DT990-600ohm instead.      This one may turn out to be "DT1880" in the sense that you're thinking, for all we know.
My buddy that's looking for drivers for a DIY project was informed by AKG over email that 550, 551, and 553 all share the same drivers.  So what Bagheera heard between his 550 and 553 drivers was probably manufacturing variation.
 You didn't try cutting holes into the 414 pads?  In the center only with diameters the size of the driver diaphragms, sort of how Grado users do for their headphones.
I wish that there were velour pads small enough for Portapro.  They would be the perfect tweak to maximize sound quality from this fine little headphone.
 HDH50 is the way to go.  It has none of the strong treble peaks of V6 and M50.  It is indeed like K7XX, but without the peaks, so you'll find the treble more tame.  It is, however, much lower resolution than the AKG, but much higher ambient isolation, more than V6 and M50 as well.
 I wear glasses, I find my HD25-1 II very comfortable after splitting the headband a bit.  Same goes for Amperior when I tried it a few years ago.
 Negative.  They don't beat M50, which MSR7 beats.
Plus they look great.  A blue version would have been even sweeter.
I say that they don't, others say yes. The headphone takes on a lass in-your-face sound as a result, which gives the illusion of reduced bass.  Stock earpads ruin the fine, natural-sounding midrange that M50 drivers are capable of, though, and HM5s bring that out.
New Posts  All Forums: