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It's no surprise given that DT990pro and K701 are quite disadvantaged out of portable equipment.
 You would be pretty surprised how at how good the stock cable is after reterminating it with an Amphenol 1/4" plug.  Even cheaper and very worthwhile.  ;D
 The blue mark is the right place. Edit:
 Pull, starting from an edge, like this. The earpads are just like any other, except for having a plastic ring in them - to avoid damaging it, just don't bend the headband as if you are very angry or want to stuff them inside your mouth, lol.  To reattach them or any other similar pad like the Shure pads mentioned in this thread, just screw the pads back on with the help of the small notch that you will see towards one side of the cup.Edit: the notch is shown here
No, but if you want something more compact and with much more bass, the Momentum On-ear will probably make you happy.
I think 750 pads are slightly less comfortable.  Isolation seems the same to me, but note that I bent the headband on my 545 for a more snug fit.
Looks sweet!
Waddup!   Up for sale today is a Beyerdynamic DT880-600.  It is in excellent condition.  I'm the second owner, caring for it in a non-smoking home.  It includes its screw-on adapter in great condition and pleather zipper case in excellent condition.  The pads have a cool, musky, woody cologne that I accidentally spilled on the pads after washing them.  I can include the original box, if requested. I wanted to hear this headphone for myself after all the praise that it...
You are right to include the Aurvana Live!, I think, I would go for the Aurvana Live! 2 instead if possible, but know that I don't know if that really is your best option at these price points. Scratch 7506 off of your list, that's not a basshead can.
I use black Switchcrafts. They can be bought with black or chrome "silver" casings. They can also be found with wide cable entries (common), or narrow cable entries (not so common).Due to tolerances in the building process, it will depend on a headphone-to-headphone basis whether the plugs will come out easily or not. I haven't had significant problems there. Also, if you plug and unplug the cable a lot, I don't, then you may have to reseat the springs in the cups now...
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