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Of course, especially when DT770 isn't neutral to begin with, hahaha.
 It doesn't work with ipods.  There are very specific units that do, none of which are iBasso units.
You goofed the right channel connection in the cup.
 You live up to your forum name, hahaha!  Damn, that sucks royally.  Are you sure you didn't plug into the line-out jack by chance that fateful day? Well, I'm quite fond of the TPA6130 headamp chip for compact/low-power equipment used in the Meridian units, but it seemed like they somehow borked it in the Explorer1.  Too colored sounding in that one for whatever reason(s).  Then the FiiO E5/6/7 implementation is just absolutely terrible.It's kind of anemic with...
Maybe after a couple more songs and remixes of them.  New compilation in 2017, maybe?
The Wolfson DAC chip's strength is having a very mellow and analogue sound from what I can tell using my D7 Sidewinder's line-out.  I don't know if iBasso improved the bass in their current line-up.  The Burr Brown/Texas Instruments PCM5102 DAC chip is the one with the bass quality that you want, found in the Meridian Explorer2 which you might be able to get for ~$200 used.  The ME2 has a line-out as well to bypass its headphone amp.
I should try those angled pads some time.
 More?  HD600 already goes clear down to 20Hz, and 15-19Hz can be felt easily, in my experience.
 But you complained about the sound with velours.  You'll probably like the pleathers.  I am quite fond the analogue-like character the headphone takes with HM5 pleathers, but I would like to try pads that help it get the neutral balance it strives for stock without sacrificing sound quality as AKG pads do.  I'm also hearing noticeable, but not excessive, frequency peaks at 3kHz, 5k, and 6k, approximately, with the HM5s.  They don't bother me, but they do add a little...
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