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anyone ?
Looking for only non working tf10/ preferably only left side driver to try and fix mine . Budget is not much , maybe max 50-60$.   Any one has TF10 for parts , please PM.
Mumbai head-fi unofficial meet happening soon . March 8th ;) 
Stumbled upon this comparison when contemplating getting the HE-400 when I already have a modded AH-D5000  .. wondering if it would be more detailed or fun sounding . The comparison helps to some extent but probably wouldn't be able to make up my mind until I try the HE-400 . Have tried a few Orthos and always loved the bass + mids on them. BTW , that photo of AH-D2000 + AH-D5000 used by you in the youtube video was clicked by me ;). 
Looking for new / used (mint condition) Lawton Angled pads for my Denon AH-D5000. 
DIY experience : Audio : Built a few audio filters and crossovers during learning stage of soldering .            Modded my Altec Lansing MX5021 speakers.(involves re-soldering major capacitors,installing op-amp sockets  and recabling etc.)            Repaired my Clabs cmoy amp .   Have built a few other small electronics projects as part of current Electronics engineering course and two major projects based on GSM modems and micro-controllers .   Would be...
^ Any idea which particular model of Beyerdynamic headphone headband matches with that of Denon ?
The pleather material on the headband of my Denon AH-D5000 has started wearing off and I was looking forward to getting a replacement for the same. On searching on various sites ,I couldn't find any one selling Denon replacement parts.    The only suitable product which I found was an add on comfort headband for the Sennheiser HD600/650...
REVIEW : MEElectronics M2P and M9   Sometime back I had reviewed the MEElectronics M6 belonging the mid-range bracket of IEMs .Some of you might already have an idea about MEElectronics and its products, the one's who don’t can visit this page. MEElectronics: award winning headphones & accessories   Today I will be putting to test the basic entry level models from MEElectronics - the M2P and the M9. The M2P is a very...
Woah ! Nice give away .Hope I get lucky :D
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