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Been trying to sell my Grados since more than a month now , no luck on Indian forums . If any of the guys here are looking for it or know friends who are interested , please ping.    http://www.head-fi.org/t/805469/grado-sr-325i-sr-225i-india
Dropped the price.
preferably looking for buyers from Mumbai or India .  Can ship overseas via DHL / Post etc.   SR325i - 240 USD / 16000 INR About two years old ,    mint 9/10 condition - sparingly used.     SR 225i - 160 USD / 11000 INR   comes with carry case +  6.3mm to 3.5mm original Grado adapter  2.5 years old . 8/10 condition .     
^  Coming from you , that means a lot . I still have a  iBasso D4 Mamba on my desk with the HiFlight kit op-amps on it ;).   
      The Astrapi has landed ! :D   Will be trying them out until 1st week of July and start shipping them to the final list of people who have enrolled for the tour . Hope to see some more enthusiastic people joining in . 
A friend of mine @toxicdrift  who  bought a Cozoy Astrapi  Portable DAC Amplifier is arranging a tour for the nifty little DAC and I will be helping him with the same . If you're in India, are a 100+ Head-Fi'er or higher, and would like a chance to try out the product , please reply to this thread with the following:   - Your location (city and State):  - Headphones / IEMs you own:  - Music sources (DAPs, phones) you own:  - Portable amplifiers you own: (if...
1)Your Location(city and Country )  - Mumbai , India 2)Your headphones  : Sennheiser IE80 ,RHA M750i ,AKG K702 , Denon AH-D5000 (Lawton modded), Grado SR325i , Denon AH-D340 , Sennheiser HD598 , Audio Technica ATH-M50X , Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro etc  ​ 3)Your music player :  Sansa Clip Zip / Sport  , Cowon D2+ , FiiO X5 , Ibasso D4 Mamba ,Audinst HUD MX2    4)The headphone amplifier you have used before or are using now  : Fiio E11K ,Topping NX1 , FiiO...
^ Yes . These are still available .  If you can arrange for a check and pick up from Mumbai that would be perfect or else I can ship it to Delhi . Please check PM :). 
Price dropped to 140 USD .  
       These were purchased in India through the official importer / distributor for ~280-290 USD , preferably looking for  a buyer from India / Asia where it would be easier and less expensive to ship.     Can ship to USA / Europe and other countries as well with Tracking and DHL carrier..       Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Grado SR225i Prestige series headphones Expected Price:SOLD  Source and Time of Purchase: 3-4 months...
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